Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Is Hummingbird Algorithm And How Does It Affect To Website

Google is one of the most common and widely used search engines used for searching information from the web. Google keeps on standardizing the parameters for websites and blogs so that the users can get relevant information. The previously introduced updates that affected the websites to a great deal were Penguin and Panda updates. These were penalty based and has affected the websites and blogs to a great deal. With the increasing use of internet and Google, it has become a challenge for the search engine to fetch information for the keywords and phrases used by the people. In order to meet their search requirements, Google has come up with a new search algorithm with the name of Hummingbird algorithm.


A search algorithm is the complete process used by Google to browse the web and come up with the latest information related to the topic. Hummingbird Algorithm was though announced on 26 September 2013, it was implemented almost a month ago. The main motive of this algorithm is to enhance the efficiency of the searches made by the users. It is not introduced to clean the SERPs as it was the case with Penguin and Panda updates. The introduction of this algo has made it easier for the users to make conversational queries and voice searches even through their mobile phones.

How Does Hummingbird Affects A Website?

Well, Hummingbird algorithm is not going to ruin your website rankings or SEO strategies adopted from several years for obtaining the top notch position. However, there will be some affects that you will have to deal with so as to maintain your search engine rankings. This search algo has enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the searches made by the people and Google Now Cards have made it possible for the mobile users to obtain their desired information in just a few clicks. So, if you are concerned about your rankings, here are some key tips that can be taken into consideration.

Start using conversational queries as keywords

Most of the people today use phrases instead of a single keyword to search for relevant 
information. In order to get ranked in such searches, you should start optimizing your  website or 
blog with such keywords and phrases.

Relevant and informative content

In order to gain good rankings, the websites previously focused more on uniqueness of  the 
content but with Hummingbird algorithm they will have to add more quality and  informative
content to their websites. Having fluff or low quality content is surely going  to affect your
rankings to a great deal.

Revise the anchor texts

Google generally makes use of anchor texts to understand what the site is all about. So,  you need
to re-consider the backlinks and get them optimized via relevant keywords.

Hummingbird algorithm is not going to affect your SEO strategies to a great deal. However, you will have to make small improvements to appear on the search engine results whenever a search using a keyword related to your website is made.
I will share more tips about how to recover your website Hummingbird algorithm update. Keep in touch. Good luck.