Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Add Contact Us Page Easily For Blogger

Adding Contact Us page is help to connect with
visitors.Actually Its important with communicate
with your visitors.Its not only help, you can do
service by using it.There have more advantage of it.
Unfortunately bloggers not provide this feature yet.
so we have to make it own. Earlier i made a post
How to make "Contact Me Page" JQuery  But
this is more easy than it. Lets give a try.


Setting Up
First Of all you have to go http://www.foxyform.com/  Now you will get a field like below.
Eg, Name,Title, Subject etc. You can put a check mark if you want to display that field

Now Advance setting.
You can change background ,font color, what you want.you can use hex color here
you can choose same color like your blog background.


Target Email Address.
In this field you have to add email that you ever use to contact us page.
person who contact via contact us page, that massage will send in to this email address.
After add it click Create Formular


Now you will get a HTML code like below.


How to add it to your blog.
Log in to blogger account and Go to Posing>> Edit Page >> Create Page
Now paste code where you get earlier and add Any title you want.
Click Publish Post  you are done.

Tip: After publish it, you can get  URL of your contact us page. So you can add it to your
menu bar,its more relevant, because your visitors can easily get it.you can get nice menubar here


  1. I used this! awesome! I love your posts! Thanks again! :)

  2. Blogger trix is a genius i aspire to be like u. I'm serious. Please do keep it up. I'm your friend and follow on http://bloggers.com =---------------please i like your template i want a similar type can u help. I am Sciencezen on bloggers please send me a private message

  3. Thank you very much for this post. this is really very informative and useful post for me. i was planning to add contact form but could not get time to search for this.

    thanks for sharing resource with us.

  4. @Sciencezen
    You can contact me from contact us page
    thanks you.

    @Blog Admin
    Thanks you.

  5. how to contact page in all end post like post a comment ?
    also i want know when we copy and poste html code from other blog to himself blog in blogger post what is effect on google adsense ?

  6. Hello!

    This article is really great.. but I tried to create a test email.. till now, I still don't get it? Hmmm..

  7. thank you! :D just what i was looking for. -alie