Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Killer Methods To Get Traffic From Infographic To Your Blog

Blogging has been a popular way of earning money from the past few years. It is also used as a successful way for brand promotion and recognition. However, in order to fulfill both the requirements, it is necessary to get traffic to the blog. Most of the bloggers adopt some  effective SEO tools and techniques so as to get the best results. The use of social media marketing tools has also proved to be effective in achieving the goals. However, people keep on searching for some more effective tools that can enhance the traffic on their blog and help them in achieving their goals. The use of infographics has come up as an effective tool for enhancing the traffic on the blog.

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If you are a new blogger and wish to use infographics, here are some effective tips that can help you. The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to understand what is infographics and how it can be helpful.

Infographics are graphical or pictorial representation of information. The major advantage of using these infographics on your blog is that they are really catchy and have the tendency to be remembered by the reader for a longer time period.

Add infographics to your blog

You should prefer to create an infographic related to the content and theme of your blog and design it in an impressive manner. There are different forms in which you can create an infograph. You can make use of graphs, flowcharts, information and pictures to design an appealing and creative one so that the readers can get attracted towards it. The best thing is that these infographics are memorable and are easier to understand. Most of the people are able to understand the things as most of them skip the lengthy contents explaining the technical aspects of a particular thing.

Link the infographics to your social web pages

You can promote your blog via social media sites and can also update the infographics on your page and link it to your blog so that the readers and fans can visit your blog for more information. Social media sites are a great hub and you can easily attract people towards your blog by posting creative and impressive pictorials.

Infographics can make your blog go viral

The people who find your infographic exciting and informative will also share it among their group of people. This would spread your blog’s link and in turn increase the traffic on your blog, which if linked to your official website, can drag traffic towards it.

Include Your website logo

For brand recognition, you can include the URL and logo of your company on the infographic so as to make the people aware of it.

Infographics has proved to be an excellent way to promote traffic on the blogs as they have the tendency to go viral. All you need to do is to design it in a simple yet appealing manner so that it can catch the eyes of the visitors. No matter it is posted on your blog or other social media platforms do not forget to back link it to your blog.


  1. But bro due to Humming bird algorithm update we are loosing search traffic drastically.

    1. yeh bro,
      we need to share some recovery tips right.keep in touch. :)

  2. great article ....but i want to ask you one thing that i am doing proper seo but still i am not geting traffic. why ?

    1. Keep doing SEO until 3 - 6 months, Actually you can not get result withing few days.
      hope this helps.