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Awesome Ways to Increase Feedburner Subscribers in Blogger

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Feedburner subscribers are very important  for blogger development. It helps to get return visitors
to your  blog. Actually  this  is  simple  to  use and setup.Most of people are making mistakes that are
causing their  subscribers  grow slowly. There is no any single method to increase  your subscribers.
Only way get  subscribe to Rss  feed using effective method.Many bloggers wrote about this topic.
But i want to share my ideas whats coming to my head. lets see, How we can do this.


Ways to Increase RSS feed Subscribers

Display Rss Icon On every blogger pages

I did this mistake, when i started my blog.I used Rss icon only my home page.There for i added it every single page of my blog.You can add bigger Rss icons for your blog.make sure its catchy and should be easily visible to the users.So it will helps to increases the chances of getting more subscribers to your blog.

Placement of Subscriber widget

Placement of Rss widget very important.If you choose the right place.It helps to gain your subscribers wisely.Best place to keep Rss Subcription form are imediatly after the article or top of right side bar of your blog.However i suggest you to add it to both palce.
Don't forget to add awesome style Subscriber widget to your blog.

Rss Feedburner Subscribe Widgets For Blogger

       Awesome Rss Feed Subscription Widget For Blogger
       Social Media And Rss Subscribe Widget For Blogger
       Blue Color Social Subscription Widget for Blogger
       Dark Style Rss Subscription Widget For Blogger
       Ger more In here

Ask Them to Verify their email address

Some of email subscribers just subscribe and they don't confirm their email address.Without confirming their email, they are not consider as subcribers of your blog.Therefore, you can leave a email them to verify their email address.

 How to check emails of Rss feed subscribers.

 1. Log in to
 2. Just click feed title of your blog and go to feed burner dashboard.
 3. Click publicize and click Email Subscriptions on left side bar.
 4. Scroll down, you can see total subscribers.(counter of verify and unverified subscribers)
     below to that counter, just click View Subscriber Details and view emails addresses. you can
     export it if you want.
 5. You can ask them to verify their email addresses by email to them.

Drive new traffic to your blog

To get some new traffic, Do blog commenting and guest posting.There have more chances to get new RSS feed subscribers from new visitors.

Write Unique contents for your audience

Your content might be valuable and unique.If people can find duplicate post somewhere else. There will have no reason to subscribe your RSS feed.Lets say, you are copy from popular blog on your niche.Your content still valuable but not unique. So,what do you think?  People end up subscribing your blog exactly.

Promote your blog in blogger communications

Most of blogger are promote their Rss Feed in forums post and signatures as well.Make a habit to not only give blog URL,Just try to include RSS Feed URL as well.It helps to gain some  subscribers for your blog.

If you're still not a subscriber of bloggertrix feed. You can simply add your email to "Subscribe Now" gadget on side bar or Subscriber form below to this article. Finally, after reading this article, you get to know 6 easy way to increase your feed subscribers.If you have some more own tricks to increase RSS subscribers,share below with comment.Hope this helps. good luck.
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Is The Importance Of Web 2.0 Links

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Getting traffic on the blogs is one of the most serious problems faced by the bloggers. With the advent in technology and introduction of new tools, the process of link building and getting the site interlinked with other social and other networks has become easier. One of the most effective ways that has been introduced recently is the Web 2.0 links. This technique can be considered as the second generation of web. It provides an opportunity to the people to share their information online. The various technologies that can be effectively collaborated with web 2.0 comprises of social bookmarking, tags, RSS, AJAX and blogs. It is one of the best ways to build links and generate traffic to your blog or website.


The technique of Web 2.0 links is an ideal tool for link building and content marketing. By implementing this tool in your SEO plan, you will surely be able to enhance the visibility of your site. You can get quality backlinks from the sites like Hub pages, Squidoo and Weebly in order to grab quality links.

If you are willing to generate more traffic towards your site by using the Web 2.0 links, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Most of these are available for free and simple to use. Here are some tips that will really help you enhance your website traffic.

* The first thing that you need to do is to sign up with the site and get your user account. Now, you need to complete your profile. Make sure you add an attractive description about yourself as well as your business. Make sure you add fresh content to your site. This will help you in boosting the popularity of the website and make use of Web 2.0 websites as links to your website. An interesting profile is the basic requirement to grab the attention of the readers.

* Another important thing in the process is to write compelling posts containing targeted keywords. Submit these posts to the web 2.0 sites. You can also add pictures and videos to enhance the visibility of your content. One of the major advantages of using the web 2.0 sites is that you can easily get in touch and interact with people who might be interested in the products you offer. Get engaged in conversations, join groups and keep sharing related and useful content to achieve your goals.
Web 2.0 links are today majorly used by the webmasters to optimize their site and grab quality links which can easily enhance the traffic on the website.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Killer Tips To Drive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

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One of the most common problems faced by the bloggers today is generating traffic towards their blog. Most of them are not able to achieve their goals even after adopting several techniques to generate traffic towards their blog. Though most of them focus on the social media platforms like facebook, Twitter etc., there are few who use Pinterest for obtaining their goals. Pinterest has emerged out as one of the best traffic boosting sites and knowing some effective techniques will help you to a great deal in bringing your blog to number one position. You can easily derive traffic from Pinterest if you know the key tips and tricks.


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          Awesome 8 Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Here are some killer tips that will help you in driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog


Select some specific blog posts

The key to getting traffic towards your blog is not just pinning any of the images or other posts. In spite of pinning the posts randomly, it would be better if you do a research beforehand and select the posts that are related to your area of interest. This will help you in evaluating the fact that there is any audience for the niche you are dealing in or not. If you find a good audience on some of the posts start pinning them as there is a great probability that the followers of that particular post will pin your blog and as a result generate traffic to your site.

Create an attractive profile-

Create a profile that perfectly states your area of interest. Make sure that you put a tag line or message on your board and have some followers in the same area. An attractive profile and a good number of followers will help you in getting more followers which in turn can be a good sign for directing traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

Update attracting and high quality pictures

Make sure that you take high quality pictures of the related products or services and update them regularly on your account. Also add a brief description and use the Meta keywords which probably enhance the visibility of your post on search engines. Following the SEO techniques on Pinterest will be of great help in appearing on the top notch positions on Google and other search engines.

Conduct a contest

Hosting a contest is one of the best ways to grab the attention of the readers and boost the traffic. During such contests, the participants either pin the content of your website or they repin the already existing pins. Creating backlinks is also an effective way to drive traffic towards your blog.
So, these are some tested methods of driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog. Make sure you make use of catchy titles and description and use the optimized keywords so that your posts and updates can easily be listed on the search engine rankings. Generating traffic is no more a problem if you know the techniques to use this powerful social media platform.
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Popular Mistakes That Every Bloggers Do

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Blogging has emerged out as an outstanding way of earning online money but not all of them are successful. Out of 10, only 2 bloggers are successful in achieving their goals. It is due to the fact that they do not pay much attention on several key factors that are essential in the blogging process. An expert bloggers knows all the tips and tricks to take his blog to the top notch position. If you are also willing to get successful and start earning from your blog, you need to prevent yourself from doing the popular bloggers mistake.

Some of the common mistakes which are mostly done by the bloggers are discussed as follows. You can go through them and overcome the shortcomings so as to become a successful blogger.


Purpose of the blog

There are many people who get into the process just for earning money without knowing the motive or purpose of starting the blog. This is a wrong practice as without any goal, you are certainly not going to move in the right direction. So, before starting the blogging process, make sure you know the various aspects of your blog like whether it is informational or not, the target audience, writing purpose etc. if you know the purpose behind creating a blog, you will be able to plan effective strategies and create success plans so that you can bring your blog to the number position on search engines.

Irregular posting

In order to generate more traffic towards your blog, it is necessary that you update your blog regularly and that too with unique and informative content. Posting on regular basis ensures that your existing readers will visit the blog daily. It is also an effective way to boost the traffic on the site. If you do not post for extended periods, the readers might look for information elsewhere. So, make sure that you keep posting at regular intervals and do keep a check on the quality of articles or information posted.

Be patient

Blogging is an activity that requires hard work and time. You will not start getting huge amounts as a result of blogging in few days or weeks. You will have to be patient and keep posting on the blogs as per the demand of the readers. If you lose your faith and stop posting, you might never achieve your goals.

You are not interactive

There are many bloggers who just post the contents as their duty and are not interactive with the readers. This might lose the readers’ interest. Hence, you should go through the comments or questions asked by the readers and reply to them. Also, make use of social media networking sites to interact with the readers.

Take your blogs to number one position by avoiding the above discussed popular bloggers mistake. This will help you in meeting your blogging goals at the earliest.

Author Bio: Sohan Jayasinghe is the owner and author of .He has been blogging since 2009 and writing Blogger trix since 2010.If you want to contact him, Just leave a message via contact us page.
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