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4 Desktop Blogging Applications For Writers

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If you just write the occasional blog post, then WordPress/Blogger default editor is fine, especially since its recent update. But if you are like me and write several pieces each week (or sometimes even each day), then TinyMCE’s quirks can begin to grate. If your income depends on the content you’re writing, it’s not wise to trust browser based writing environments  it’s more than likely that nothing will go wrong, but I’ve experienced too many accidental refreshes and otherwise disappearing content to entrust my productivity to a web-based editor.


Thankfully, I don’t have to. There are plenty of desktop applications that integrate well with WordPress, allowing bloggers to write and publish their content without ever looking at the blogger admin dashboard. In this article, I’d like to take a look at my favorites.
The Well-Kept Secrets of Writing Quality Web Content

Byword / Marked Application

When I’m working on a Mac, the combination of the Byword text editor and the Marked markdown previewer is by far my favorite writing environment. I’ll focus on Byword here, but Marked has some very useful features, including link validation, keyword highlighting, readability statistics, and the ability to show previews with user-supplied CSS scripts.

Byword is a text editor. On the face of it, Byword is a very simple application. For me, that’s a great thing. I just want to sit down and type, but, although it looks simple, Byword actually quite feature-rich — with exactly the right features, too. Byword uses Markdown for formatting, which is a straightforward markup language that anyone can learn in an hour — and they should: it makes a huge difference to the writing experience and productivity. Byword offers excellent Markdown support, with easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts for adding titles, links, lists, and so on.

But Byword wouldn’t deserve palace on this list if it couldn’t publish to WordPress. In fact, Byword can publish to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Evernote. Publishing is a Premium feature, but it’s not expensive and well-worth the price to omit the cut-and-paste-into-Wordpress stage of blogging.
Because Byword is available for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, users can publish from anywhere.

Marsedit desktop blog editor

This is another tool for the Mac users out there. I couldn’t write a post about desktop blogging software without including Marsedit, the blogging tool of choice for many, including John Gruber, creator of Markdown, although Marsedit does brilliantly with Rich Text too.

Byword is an excellent text editor for writers, but Marsedit is a full-fledged blog editing tool, which is compatible with WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad and dozens of other content management systems. It features excellent media support, with one-click image insertion from a variety of sources. If you like, you can even integrate your favorite text editor with Marsedit, including BBEdit and TextMate.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is getting a little long in the tooth, but it’s still the best Windows tool for publishing to WordPress. It offers many of the same features as Marsedit, except without the Markdown support. If you’re a WordPress blogger who prefesr to work in a Windows environment, Windows Live Writer should be your first port of call.
How to Write Your Blog in a Successful Series

Blogilo Editor

Last, but certainly not least, is a tool for our friends who prefer the Linux desktop. Blogilo features a WYSIWYG and HTML editor, with previewing that matches your blog’s style. Users can create, modify, and delete posts, as well as schedule publication.

5 Things You Can't Forget Before Publishing Blog Post

These four are my favorites, but they’re far from the only options. What do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7 Reasons Not to Write a Personal Blog

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Here you will find out why you shouldn’t write a personal blog, and some reasons why you should not write any sort of blog at all. There are plenty of articles on the Internet that claim blogging will get you rich and is fun and is the greatest thing since the invention of the car, but they are often posted to get people to buy blogging services such as hosting, content management systems and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Here are some reasons why a personal blog is a bad idea.


You do not get paid to write a blog and it is work

You could be getting paid for the writing you are doing. When you write a blog post that is work. It is something that people are sat in offices doing right now and they are getting paid for it. Blogging may not seem like work at first, but after a few months it will be a slog, and you are not being paid for the slog. You are working for free and there is no way your affiliate money is going to fairly cover the amount of work you are doing. You could put the same amount of time into sweeping roads and make thirty times more than you are going to make via blogging.

Tips to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

It is not going to make you affiliate money in the way you think it will

Most people are disappointed by the amount of traffic they receive and amount of affiliate money they receive, and yet it is blindingly obvious if you think about it. How many personal blogs do you read? How many do your friends read? You may read the occasional blog about something that interests you, but do you read many “personal” blogs? Furthermore, how often do “you” click on affiliate adverts when you are on the Internet? Most of your clicks over the last year were probably by accident.

Few people want to read your thoughts unless you are famous

This is just a sad fact. You are not special and you are not coming up with anything that thousands of others have not come up with before you. If you think you are being original then you are not researching hard enough.

Most people run out of things to write about very quickly

This happens to most bloggers and is the number one reason why most blogs do not last longer than six months. They usually come to a halt when the hosting services expire. You are going to run out of things to write about very soon.

Most of your personal blog posts are not evergreen

An evergreen article is one that is still relevant and readable after a few months or years. For example, an article about heartbreak may be relevant for decades, but an article about how to program your VCR to record when you are out is not evergreen. Many of the personal things you write about are going to expire very quickly, which means that new readers are not going to be able to look over your old posts they will only read your most recent posts, which may make it harder to keep your readers.

There are plenty of other things you could be doing that are longer lasting

You could be carving wood figurines instead of blogging. It may not be spread around the Internet like your blog, but it will have more value and it will last longer. You could be taking a course in fixing cars or decorating houses. You could be making your dreams come true, instead of blogging onto a platform that you will probably delete in a few months when you are bored with it.

Getting no traffic and/or reading criticism will hurt your feelings

Working for six months and still having no traffic is heart breaking. It is horrible to find yourself pouring your heart into working on your blog, only to discover that nobody is reading it. The worst thing is when you do receive traffic and comments and they are negative. Some people enjoy criticizing because it makes them feel important and superior, and you are going to get that sort of thing on your comment section, and there is a chance it is going to hurt your feelings. 

Killer Method To Market Your Blog And Boost Traffic
Awesome 8 Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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Easy way to Unlock Huawei HSDPA Modems Free

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HSDPA dongles are very famous in these days. Because most of are use HSPA dongles for browse internet.Unfortunately some dongles are locked to their service carrier.Unlocking dongles are very famous these days. Some Huawei dongle models are hard to get unlock sometime.Because Some tools are doesn't work properly..lets see, how to unlock this dongles in an easy way.


Step 1 : Go to this site

Step 2 : Now Sign in with GOOGLE + . You need to provide your email and password log in to it.
             (This is safe. don't worry about it. If you are not sure create new gmail account)


Step 3 : Now click accept button like below

Step 4 : Next, Yo have to provide your Dongle IMEI number and Model like below and click
              calculate button.

Step 5 : Now you need to  Click Google Plus button like below.


Step 6 : Now you will get the result like below. Use NEW ALGO CODE as for your unlock code.


Add some other network sim card and  add the NEW ALGO CODE you generated for your dongle and enjoy.If it won't connect create new profile for your network. If you have any problem about huawei unlocking let me know.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Well-Kept Secrets of Writing Quality Web Content

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A simple way in which you can draw traffic to your website and make it more noticeable is by deploying excellent article writing techniques. The readers will always look for valuable information that will attract them every now and then to your website. All the content needs to be relevant to the main niche of your site in order to be efficient. How to write quality content is a question that many newbie writers have and here are some secrets that only the specialists know.


There are lots of resources about how to lead a SEO Campaign for your website. But  SEO is for search engines. Web contents for your site visitors. So, learn how to write quality web content in successful way. Read below articles for more ideas about it.

Formatting Of the Article

The format in which the article is presented needs to be readable. This is why you should use headlines that will grab the reader’s attention. Also, you may want to deploy numbers and bullets in order to break up a really long text and make it more manageable to read. The visitors are not attracted by long paragraphs that seem to be unmanageable.

Choose proper Topics

It is vital to write articles which are related to the content of your site. This means that the readers will get a high interest in your services and products. The relevancy of the articles is what keeps the site going. Even if it is tempting to write on topics that budge you, the whole idea is to give your niche readers what they actually need.

Use correct Writing techniques

The used tone has to be friendly and easy to grasp. You should avoid being too technical. Also difficult words should be avoided by all costs. Another important strategy is to stay within the given topic. The people who read the content are looking for a certain thing. So center the article on one certain aspect and dissect it as much as possible. Besides this, you have to offer information and facts which are useful and interesting to the reader. Even if you want to write a lot, it is better to focus on shorter articles that are easier to grasp. Before publishing the articles, do not forget to check the grammar and spelling. The whole text needs to flow in a smooth manner and look professional.

Do research before you write new article

All websites have it own unique strengths. Every author would like to increase their domain authority with popular contents so, if you do research before writing, you can understand what other contents are being offered across your marketplace. we need to understand our competition ,audience and what keywords we should focus on. Otherwise, you will miss the chance and wastage of money and time. Just write for your audience.

You have your own SEO plan and keywords. So, use them to tell your visitors to what are your contents, what include with it. Put Title tags, chapter headings. Make sure, keywords should match to your topic which you are writing.In case you do not master the above mentioned techniques, You have to follow all above techniques. Try to start your contents with your readers and find out what really want to know. So write for them. make your readers  into loyal readers. Readers are our targets, Not the search engine. Always try to focus contents. It will helps to achieve both goal. Website traffic and search engine ranking

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