Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Killer Tips To Recover Your Blog From Penguin 2.0

The top most priority of webmasters and bloggers is to occupy a top ranking on the search engines so as to gain more traffic. For this, they implement all the possible techniques and methods. However, the final rankings are awarded by Google after evaluating the blog or site on several parameters. Google keeps on updating these parameters and hence the bloggers need to keep themselves updated to get benefited. Not all updates are beneficial for bloggers, they can also be a reason behind the drop in their rankings. The recent update made by the search engine is Penguin 2.0 which was introduced in May 2013. Most of the bloggers using irrelevant methods have been affected by this update. If your blog has also lost rankings because of this Penguin update, here are some quick tips that can help you recover your blog.


The Google Penguin 2.0 is the most commonly discussed topic among the bloggers as most of them are not able to judge the parameters on which Penguin judges their blog. Go through these tips to recover your blog easily and effectively.

Reconsider Your Links And Try To Get High Quality Links

In order to be in good eyes of Penguin, it is necessary that you clean your blog for low quality back links. Such links can easily degrade your ranking if evaluated by Penguin. Hence, you need to get them removed from your blog by requesting the website owners on which such links are placed. 
These low quality links might include:

     1. Guest posts with lower quality.

     2. Posting spam comments

     3. Links to the sites with low domain authority

     4. Links placed on websites related to different niche

     5. Paid links

You can get these links removed from you blog by using different tools like Webmaster tools, link builder, Majestic SEO, open site explorer etc. You can recover your blog by removing the irrelevant links beforehand and getting high quality links.

Duplicate or low quality content

Content marketing has provided an opportunity to the bloggers and website holders to direct more traffic towards their site. If you have been copying content and pasting it on your blogs in the past, you are in great trouble with the introduction of Penguin 2.0 as it degrades the ranking of those blogs and websites that do not have unique or genuine content. Hence, it is necessary that you start adding fresh, quality and genuine content, whitepapers, user guides and images to your blogs. If your bog is affected due to this factor, you can start updating it with fresh content and can also use the references if necessary to recover your blog from Penguin 2.0.

Implement social media marketing strategies

The use of social media tools is expected to increase to a great deal in future and you can successfully use this tool to generate social signals of high value. This can be done by actively participating in communities and regularly posting to keep the consumers updated. In order to recover your blog and get good results, you can link it with the social media postings and updates. Posting competitions or offers can also prove to be effective in directing more traffic towards your site.

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If your blog has suffered a Penguin penalty, it is the right time to recover it. The above discussed tips will help you recover your blog with ease.


  1. Please provide recovery steps for humming bird.Humming bird is the latest which resulted in massive drop of traffic for many sites including mine.Penguin is nothing in front of humming bird.

    1. Yes bro,Keep in touch,I will share some recovery tips.
      Thanks for your ideas..

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