Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Golden Rules to Follow for Link Builders After Penguin 2.0

After the devastating mortality that Penguin 2 has brought among link builders, the challenge of moving on forward in order to make your link building effort more relevant and effective continues. As more updates were released by Google, the same has become nurturing lessons that are learned by link builders. While some continue to argue about the most effective and the best way to prosper in your link building strategy after Penguin 2.0 there remain some standard rules that have become indispensable in any of your link building strategies. Here are the 3 golden rules that you should follow in order to help you prosper in your link building efforts after Penguin 2.0


Rules for link Building After Penguin 2.0


Golden Rule No. 1 – Build a natural relationship to produce organic links

Penguin 2 aims to put an end on the link building tactics of webmasters that tend to make them over optimize their website with links. Some of these links were in fact the result of a black hat SEO strategy that Google has the objective of breaking out. In most cases, some webmaster engaged in exchanging to buy or exchange links from poorly created sites and as a result, these websites that produce unnatural links were stricken out from the search results that affect their search rank in Google’s search engine. Because unnatural links could now hurt your site after the Penguin 2 release, the golden rule that you can keep in mind thus would be to build natural or organic links by building relationship online. You should aim therefore not to buy or exchange links but rather encourage others to SHARE your links. With other people sharing your links on their own sites, you are catering to the natural growth and popularity of your link which is a good link building strategy after the Penguin 2.0

Golden Rule No. 2 – Write killer contents

Because content is king, you should always use good contents to your advantage. Linking to poor quality content will likely make your links unnoticed to many internet users. Before Penguin 2, many have syndicated content and linked to poorly written articles that made Google look at their links in disfavor. The Penguin 2 update aims to find high quality links on high quality contents in order to give you a good standing on the search results. Google has the objective of delivering quality information to the internet users therefore you should strive to work hard on writing killer contents that will not only be very useful to your readers but will likely catch their attention as well and link to that content. Avoid crappy contents and look for quality news or content that is relevant to your niche and link on you them to promote your site.

Golden Rule No. 3 – Know thy foe

In order to make you prosper in your link building efforts, it is essential to understand what you did wrong and why Penguin 2 hit you.( What To Do If You Have Been Hit )
You can use several tools to help you analyze the factors that were your foe that brought down your link building strategy effort before and learn from them to improve your link building schemes. You can also use these analytical tools to help you divert your effort on the areas that makes your link building effort more productive with good results. The PenguinTool. com for instance can provide you the information whether your website content were poor or your site has incurred a link penalty that made your site one of the many casualties of Penguin 2. Other link management tools could provide you assistance in conducting your link research and link management too. Use the data that you can obtain from various analytics tools in order to know your link building strengths and weaknesses after Penguin 2.0 and be consistent in evaluating whether you are deriving good results.

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