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How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog

A niche blog is one with an extremely focused subject matter. If you have a niche blog, it means that all the content that you publish is directly related to the narrow topic that you have chosen. If you want to choose a nice blog as web based phone communications technology as your blog’s niche, for instance,you would be writing about VoIP, IP PBX and other similar topics. The advantage of choose a niche blog is that smaller bloggers get a better chance at attracting blog readers and establish a seat amidst the thousands of blogs on the internet. Niche blogs are also best for monetization. If you are still on the lookout for a subject matter that you have to focus on, here are some tips that can help you choose a niche for your blog:

Tips to Choose a Niche for Your Blog

Go for a Narrow Topic

Having a niche blog means having a focused theme and this requires you to choose a very narrow topic that you can stick to and write about. Having a narrow topic for your blog makes it easier for you to carve a place in a highly competitive world with similar topics. You will have a hard time competing with popular and more established blogs that already talk about broader topics so your best option to drive traffic to your blog is to go for a targeted niche.  Instead of blogging about photography tips and tricks, for instance, you could write about tips on how to best take photos using mobile phone cameras. You can also blog about dolls instead of just writing about toys. By opting for a narrower topic, you also get less competition and your traffic becomes more targeted. This is helpful if you are monetizing your blog with pay per click ads. Because your blog visitors have a common and targeted interest, you can post relevant ads that will most likely be checked out by your site visitors.

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Choose a Topic that you are Passionate about

You need to have strong ideas and an ardent interest in the narrowed down topic you have chosen because you will be writing a lot about it. Although you can still cover broader topics that are associated with your blog’s niche, most of your readers will come to your blog to look for information on the subject matter that you have chosen to focus on. Your ability to deliver what your readers look for is crucial to your blog’s success and straying too far from your chosen niche may result in your readers looking for other websites that can provide them with the information they supposedly need from you. To be able to produce the articles that your readers want, you should be passionate about your chosen topic. It helps if you are an expert in the subject matter of your niche but being an enthusiast who loves to read, research, and learn about your blog’s niche topic also allows you to efficiently write and discuss your articles with your target audience.

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Avoid Jumping in on Trend Niches

If you want to have a successful blog that lasts, see to it that you avoid a niche topic that may be hot today but could easily disappear in the near future. If you are writing a niche blog about a popular television show right now, you will likely get lots of visits from people who watch the show but as soon as the show is over, your blog will also be history. It will be difficult for you to revive niche blogs with seasonal topics so if you want to invest your time, money and effort in a blog that can stand the test of time, choose a topic that has staying power.

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