Sunday, March 10, 2013

Build Quality Backlinks in Post Penguin World

Backlinks  are  the  backbone  of a  blog  which helps to stand  out  it  from the  crowd.  There are so many ways to  build backlinks. Webmasters used to build backlinks from social  profiles  links,  link exchange  etc but after the Google Panda and Penguin Update  we need to give special attention on the type  of  backlinks. Now quality of  backlinks is  much more  important than quantity. In
this post I will discuss  some  very important and useful methods to  build high  quality  backlinks for your blog. If you  take  them  seriously then surely  your blog will rank very  soon  in  major  search  engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Let's go to learn those ways.


Internal Linking of Posts

Whenever you write a new post for your blog, always keep this strategy in your mind. Inner page linking is as important as inbound links. This will not only help you to increase blog page views but also help to rank your all posts very well because you are following page rank juice to all of your inner pages.

Blog Commenting

Don't take it wrong. When we talk about blog commenting, mostly newbie bloggers start commenting on random blogs without knowing the proper way of taking advantage of this powerful link building strategy. To build quality backlinks you need to post comment on those blogs that comes under same niche you have. Search commentluv and keywordluv enabled blogs where you can get dofollow
backlinks by commenting on it. Use below methods to find dofollow blogs easily. Type it in search engine : your keyword "CommentLuv" or your keyword "keywordluv". When you search this query in search engines you will get a huge list of commentluv and keywordluv enabled blogs. Just visit those blogs and leave a valuable comment on their posts.

Use Forums

To get free targeted traffic and valuable backlinks for your blog, participate in forums related to your niche. Give answers to the questions ask by the people under your perfection field. Use forum signature to get backlink and gain exposure for your blog. You can participate in Yahoo Answers and Digital Point Forum for this purpose. There are lots of forums as well. Just go to Google and
search like this "Blogging Tips + Forum". Replace Blogging Tips with your main keyword.

Guest Blogging

Build relationship with other bloggers who share tips under same niche. Write quality and original article and ask them to submit in their blog as guest post. This will give benefit for both the parties. Blog owners will receive free original content for their blog to share with their readers and in return you will get a high powerful backlink which will enhance your blog reputation in the eyes of search engines.

Your Turn

These were the 4 best ways to build quality backlinks for your blog in panda and penguin world. Work on these strategies on daily basis to build up your blog. You can also generate high targeted traffic from these methods as well. Just keep this quote in your mind "Blogging Needs Quality Not Quantity". Happy and safe blogging friends.

Author's Bio: This post is written by Ankit. He is an author of his Blogger Tips and Tricks blog where he share lot of quality articles about blogging, seo tips, blogger widgets and tips on how to increase blog traffic.
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