Sunday, February 10, 2013

Killer Tips To Increase Domain Authority

Before moving forward to know the tips following which you can increase the domain authority of your blog, it is necessary to understand what Domain Authority is.

Domain Authority is a newly introduced parameter to measure the ranking of a bog. Introduced by the SEOMoz, this parameter is greatly considered in the present scenario for evaluating the search engine ranking of the blog. Most of the bloggers do pay attention on the SEO techniques and Panda updates to enhance the page ranking but enhancing the domain authority is not much taken into account. However, it is necessary to consider this fact in order to gain higher rankings and attract more people towards your blog. The main factors that determine the domain authority of your website include page ranking of domain, inbound links to both the internal pages as well as root domain and popularity at social media platforms.

Here are some killer tips and core techniques that will help you in enhancing the domain authority so as to attract more contributors towards your blog.

Collect quality backlinks To your Blog

Back links play an important role in enhancing the  domain authority of a website or a blog. The most important thing to be considered while acquiring backlinks is that you get them from quality sites and stay away from scam sites. For this you can request the high quality blog owners to provide you backlinks. Guest blogging is an effective tool for achieving your goals when it comes to backlinks.
Gov and Edu links are also helps to Increase Domain Authority

Add Inbound links to every Articles

Working on inbound links can also prove to be fruitful in the process. When posting new posts and blogs you can get them linked to the previous ones written on the same topic. This will help the readers in getting more information on the topic and also ensure that you blog is really trustworthy.

Do Commenting on other Blogs

Blog commenting is a process of commenting on the blogs related to different niche. Most of the bloggers consider blogs related to their niche for commenting but it limits the audience. However, commenting on different blogs in different fields allows the bloggers to gain more audience and move a step ahead in ranking. For example, If your blog related to web design, You can try web programing sites and some PSD sites which related to web design.

Add Quality Content To your Blog

High quality and informative content is another major requirement for enhancing the domain authority of a blog. In order to be in good eyes of Google, you need to do your research before writing the blogs so that they are unique and of good quality. Stay away from fluff and keep updating the blog on a regular basis. This will certainly be a step to success in gaining high DA rankings.

Having a high DA score indicates that the blog you are running is trustable and of high quality. A high domain authority also plays an important role in getting more advertisers. If you are looking forward to take your blogs to new heights, the above discussed tips can help you to a great deal. An online research in this regard will also help you in remaining updated with the innovative techniques that can prove to be effective in the process.


  1. Insightful post here bro, Increasing our domain Authority seems to be getting more important as the days go by
    I won't be surprised if it even becomes more valued than Page Rank in future.
    Thanks for the tips

    1. Hi Edi,
      There have lot of fake page rank blogs.High page rank domains should consist with high domain Authority.

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  3. Thanks for it buddy! I was looking for this tips! Because for the last couple of month, D.A of my website isn't increasing and ever the traffic of my site isn't increasing due to this .. :( Very timely post for me.