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Why Search Engine Optimization Is Needed To Make Your Website Popular?

Whenever a query is entered in the search engine and ‘enter’ is hit,  a list  of results  containing the
query term is displayed. The websites mentioned at the top of the list are  preferred by the users as
those  are  generally  more  relevant to the query. Some of  the  websites obtain a better rank in the
web  world  because of  a  powerful and effective web marketing technique known as SEO  or
Search Engine Optimization.The site which uses this technique is found and ranked higher than
thousands of other websites in the search engine. Search Engine Optimization helps the site in getting traffic from the search engines.


How Search Engines Works

The truth of a search engine is that it is not a human. So the searching process is different from that of humans. A search engine views a web page in a different manner. It is more text driven. There are limitations in the intelligence and understanding of the search engines. They mainly look for the matching site items which are texts generally and get a nearby idea of what the site is all about.

Reaching Out to Users with Search Engine Optimized Content

Processes Of Search Engines

The search engines perform several processes such as crawling, processing, indexing, relevancy calculation and retrieving. Crawling For Improving The Seo First is the crawling process. The web is crawled by the search engine to see what is present there. The ‘spider’ or ‘crawler’ is the software which performs this task. The links are followed by the spiders from one web page to another and the findings are indexed. As there are over 20 billion websites, it is impossible for the crawler to pay a visit to each and every site daily for checking the modification or addition of new pages to the existing page. Sometimes spiders even end up not visiting a particular site for one or two months.

Indexing In Search Engine Optimization

After completing the process of crawling, indexing of the content is done. Giant databases store  the indexes for future retrieval. Words and expressions which properly describe the page are  identified and it is assigned to some particular or specific keywords. It is impossible for the humans to process such a huge amount of information but the search engines can do this work with ease. If the search engine can recognize the meaning of a page more appropriately then it helps the web page in getting higher rankings.

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Processing, Relevancy Calculation And Retrieving in Search Engine Optimization

During a search request, the search engine processes the strings and compares it with the pages that are indexed in the database. Millions of web pages can contain the same string, so relevancy of the searched string with each of the indexed pages is calculated. There are many algorithms for calculating relevancy. The algorithms of the search engines keep on changing from time to time.  So in order to keep a higher ranking, the websites must stay updated and adapt with the new changes in algorithms. That is the reason SEO or Search Engine Optimization is needed. The last process is the retrieve of the results. The results are displayed in the browser.

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