Saturday, June 29, 2013

Awesome 8 tips to Increase Google Plus Followers

Hope all of bloggers have Google plus account.How many followers do you have now? Do you have any idea to increase your followers? I would like to share how to increase your Google plus followers
in a easy way.In the  present Google Plus become very popular. There  have  more  than  100 million  registered users. Now im  going  to  guide you how to increase Google plus followers. Lets give a try.


1.Create Google Plus Account

First you need to create a Google plus account.Hope every blogger already have Google Plus account .Just Sign up If you don't have Google Plus account.

2. Find people
If you are new to Google plus. Sign in to your Google plus account and go to circle tab,Just click
on "Find People" button.It will show you huge list of Google friends. You can add them simply as your like.When you are going to add them to your circle, group your Google plus circle in to friend, followers,members, etc.You can decide which circle to add them.

3. Follow back who followed you.
When you will get a new follower. Google Plus will send notification for you.Therefore you can follow them as favor.It will help you to keep them longer in your Google Plus circle.Because some people do Un-follow, If you aren't active.

4.Ask Friends to Follow you.
This is also nice trick to increase followers.If you have more friend in G talk, you can invite to them.

5. Add Google plus gadget to your blog.
If you have a blog, you can add Google Plus Button,Profile and Follower  gadget to your blogger.When your visitors visit your blog they will get your Google plus circle on your blog.Most of people trying to be friend with you.So, get a chance from it.There have more chance to get follower and this is the easiest way to increase your google Plus followers.If you have lot of traffic.It wont hard as you think.
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6. Share Something Interest.
You can share some interesting thing via Google plus.Do this recently.because of this, most of
people can see you are active and sharing some interesting things in Google plus.It help to
make attract everyone. You can share blog links, Images,Videos.via Google plus.

7.Comment on posts.
You can take a look at your Google plus friend latest post.If  there have interesting or mazing sharing, do commenting.So, his friends get notice you by his sharing.There will have more chance to get follower.Other things is Make sure, when you have got comment on your own post. Just leave a reply.
It will help to build some good friendship with your followers.

8.Send Updated Via email.
This is the great chance to send your updates who are not log in to Google plus recently. Because they will get your latest update through emails.When you are going to share something through Google plus, just mark check box "also send email" near to share button.

Add me Google profile I will follow you back.

Hope these tips help you to increase your Google plus followers.if you have any other awesome tips
you can share with us.comment are welcome.


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