Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tips to Create a Sustainable Social Media Strategy

Technology is changing rapidly and so is the socializing of business. People ‘like’ your  business page as long as you  are  compatible     to  be    engaging,   relevant  and consistent. So, whether   you   run a small  or  large firm, the  capability  to  sustain  your  followers  of  fans   and create  brand  awareness  in  the  social  media  world  is crucial. So, how  are  you  going  to  sustain  your  social media strategy?


Always remember, in terms of reaching the targeted audience, your social media strategy should
include clear goals, a well thought-out approach with the help of other communication channels and
creating new things for your fans or followers. Sustainability of social media strategy is also adding
new followers.

Here are some tips that could make an impact:

Call to action content: Post content that has a call-to-action appeal. The language should be
    so much interesting that can get the audience involved. To keep them involved, you can also
    ask their opinions or views through the social media platforms. While posting, ensure that
    your language is crispy, concise, precise and simple so that readers can easily digest them
    and love to share. Experts advice to summarize the post between 100-250 characters.

Post consistently: Post links of articles, blogs and other interesting and relevant pieces of
    information on a regular basis. Such actions reflect your professionalism and also act as one
    of the keys to success. Simply post something they want or need.

Use good images: Images make a good impact and also people like to share them as they
   are easier to download. So, try to upload some good images that are capable of creating a
   strong response that is both relevant to your brand and are captivating.

Videos: They are highly effective and people love to share. Post captivating and short videos
    which are of length of 90 seconds at most. A good video can instantly go viral across the
    social media network and are sure to propel your existence in the social media world.

Networking: Learn how to communicate with audience with the help of multiple online
   mediums. The best idea is to target the popular social media websites and communities to
   increase visibility and empower social marketing channels.

Social media communication is important in the contemporary times because it helps to reach the
audience easily and engage consumers where traditional marketing tools fail. For sustainability, you
should have a well thought-out social media strategy and have an integrated approach with other
communication strategy. Many social media experts seek for innovative approaches to social media
success with the support of best skills and try to establish a network.

Social media has changed the marketing approach and businesses are now trying to harness this
customer-centric technology through sustainable programs. They are trying to reach the audience
and establish a communication or effective-dialogue through the platforms such as YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter and more. Sustainability can be slow but it should be interactive. Many firms are
trying to showcase their offline achievements on social media which is sure to help them sustain in
the social media world for long.

Author Bio: I Vinay Kumar writes about social media marketing and card game like Rummy
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  2. Thanks for adding your thoughts and for your kind words for social media strategy. I've been using socialbakers, hootsuite and socialkik to increase my followers and fans.

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