Thursday, January 31, 2013

10 Steps to Jump Start Traffic to a New Blog

There are plenty of  ways to get  traffic  to your blog, but the tips on this article are concerned with getting traffic for your  blog  posts now,  as  oppose  to  later. That is why there is little  advice on  how to improve your blogs SEO, etc, because climbing up the search engines  results    pages   takes  time. These  tips  are things  you  can  try  today  in  order  to  get     traffic tomorrow.

1 - Participate in forums and online chats

This is the first piece of advice that Google gives when you set up your first website and sign up
to their Google webmaster tools. That is why it is point number one, because as a new blog you
should be participating in online chatter. You may not gain a lot of direct traffic but it is a good
way of ingratiating yourself and your blog into the online community.

2 - Set up a Facebook Fan Page

This is a good way to get a little extra attention to your blog. People are going to stumble across
your Facebook fan page, and if you are good enough at promoting your blog on it then you will
gain extra traffic. The good thing is that unlike building up your blog’s search engine ranking,
your traffic from the Facebook Fan page can start pouring in immediately.

3 - Tweet about your Blog at least once per day

Tweets are great ways to grant a little bit of publicity to your blog. Most of your Tweets will be
ignored but some of them will get through and affect your traffic numbers if you post at least
once per day. Simply add an informative snippet of information about your blog post and try to
peak a few people’s curiosity.(Twitter Traffic Driver For Your Site)

4 - Upload at least five blog posts to start with

When you first create your blog you may start with the honorable idea of posting a new post
every week, however if you want to get your traffic score rising you will need to start off with
more than one post. Add five posts to begin with, and then start adding one post per week.

5 - Affiliate advertise your most shocking blog posts

It is going to cost you a lot of money if you wish to boost your blog attendance via affiliate
advertising; however, you could try advertising a few of your more shocking or high quality blog
posts. If you advertise the ones that you feel will turn viewers into loyal viewers, then it may act
as a good jump-start for your blog.

6 - Comment on other related blogs and link up

Other blogs that are related (in theme or genre) to your blog are going to be attended by
people interested in your blog topics. Add comments to other blogs, and if they allow links, you
should link to your website or blog. It is a good way to gain a little bit of direct traffic.

7 - Pay for links pointing towards your blog

There are legitimate directories that you can use to pay for a link to your blog. This will improve
your blogs SEO and help you gain a little bit of direct traffic too. You could also pay a private
blog owner to allow you to install a link on their blog.

8 - Participate in areas where your target audience gathers

There are forums and websites that your target audience are bound to congregate. If there are
any interactive elements at all then you must participate. Even if you cannot add a link into the
fray, you must at least try to stimulate a little bit of interest for your blog, and mention your
blogs name so that people search for it.

9 - Specifically target certain keywords in your blog

You are going to need to do a little bit of keyword research and pick between three and five
keywords. You then need to add each one at least three times to your blog post, as well as
trying to add a few synonyms too. You should also put these keywords in your tagged keyword
section. Targeting specific keywords may help to jump-start the traffic you gain from the search
engines (organic traffic).

10 - Use question and answer websites frequently

They allow you to answer questions whilst adding a link. If you pick the questions that relate to
the topic of your blog posts then there is a good chance that the people reading the questions
and answers will follow you link. The good thing is that you can answer questions that are
based around any of you blog topics. You can answer a question today about a topic you wrote
a blog post for years ago. You can point the new link to your old blog post and people may
follow it and read your blog posts that you posted years ago.

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