Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Super Free Blogger Tools You Shouldn't Miss

There are many blogging tools available online some of them are totally free, some others are paid tools and still others offer free trial with limited functionality  for free usually for 30 days or less. Most bloggers  make  a very little amount of money  from  their blogs  they basically spend a lot of  time and lots of hard work and  in  return they  get   nothing  or  only    few  cents  that's  why it isimportant to use the right tools to make your life easier and improve your blogs.


In this article i would like to share with you 5 must have free blogging tools that would make your blogging experience easier

1. Free Online Logo Maker
Free online logo maker : is a powerful free online tool that allows you to create a beautiful header logo for your blog easily without using any complicated softwares like photoshop.

2. Free Online Favicon Generator
Free online favicon generator allows you to easily create transparent favicons for your blog to make your blog look more beautiful and professional.

3 InboxQ
InboxQ: is a very handy tool here's how it works:
Just put keywords related to your niche in the box
InboxQ will provide you the questions on twitter that matches your keywords  this tool will help you and give ideas about your next posts and make sure to answer those questions with backlinks to your site so you get extra exposure for your site.

4. Zemanta
Zemanta is a cool bloggging assistant tool that really help you in your blogging experience if you find it hard to find images for your article zemanta has millions of free and seo optimized pictures for you to use zemanta also allows you to add related articles inside your post really a must have tool !

5.  Copyscape

Copyscape : is the best tool for protecting your content from content thefts using a banner they have both free and premium membership.

If you know any tool that you use and satisfied with  share it with us in the comment box sharing is caring !

Author Bio
Anis Emitez is  young blogger at he likes blogging and playing soccer, he's a facebook and tech addict


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    1. Glad you liked this post i hope others will find it helpful too thanks for stopping by

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  2. No doubt Anis has done a great job by compiling free blogger tools. You can also consider Blogit which will make blogging easier.


  3. thanks for posting this is really helps for me

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  4. Yes by copyscape we can check content it is original or not. And it is very useful for every bloggers...!

    1. Yeah Copyscape is a very handy and useful tool for checking plagiarism thanks for stopping by