Saturday, January 29, 2011

Submit Your Site Url To Yahoo Search Engine

This mean Anybody search your site from Yahoo search engine.
They will get your site from yahoo search engine.

1. Go to Yahoo and sign in with your yahoo account.

2. Enter your Web site address and click Add My Site.

3. Now add meta tag to your web site and Authenticate your site

 4. You have to copy this meta tag and paste it to your HTML code. Edit HTML code 
      and find Head tag  and after the head tag copy these code and save  template.

5. Now click Ready to Authenticate after click explore
6. After it click submit it for free.

7. After Click Submit a website or web page and put your site URL
    finished it click again Submit site feed and put your feed address
8. Feed address are like this.

( Here option may be one of them:


9. cheers. you are done.After one or two days your site will add to yahoo search engine.


  1. thank you so much its really helpful for me as a new blogger :D
    keep posting and good luck :))

  2. this is very helpful, thank for ur enlightenment.

  3. i am not able to submit feed tell me step by step plz

  4. If I am not submit my blog like that, how long need to wait yahoo to index it. cheers

  5. you have to submit your blog to yahoo for fast index your pages. good luck