Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Edit HTML In Blogger

This is for beginners who don,t know how to Edit HTML
in your site.This will may help to Add some gadget widget.
 Because we can add those things without knowing
Editing HTML.

1. Sign In to your Blogger account and go to  
Dashboard click design
2.In design tab Click Edit HTML.

3. If some post will say Expand Widget can see below image.If  put 
     checked mark it will Expand widget template.If not it will not expand.

4.If  you want to find some tag use Ctrl +F

5. Now you can edit the template.after edit it click Preview you can see
     you edited correctly or wrong before.If your Edit is correct you can click Save Template

6. Make sure when you Edit the HTML code.Better to Backup your template(download).
    In this same page there is topic called  Backup / Restore Template. 
    There is option called download Download Full Template. click it and downland template.

7. If something happened to your template,you can put your download template.
     So ,no risk to edit template.

8. You can see How to change template in my earlier template


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