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Design is not just my passion, it’s my lifestyle because of my clients.My experience in mainly design/ develop websites  For Every project  my role is to listen them, research, create unique design, deliver on time.Therefore, let me help to grow up your business with your needs

Design Your Blog ( Price starting : 30$ )

I will design unique blogger template for your blog.Do you have a idea about your designs? Tell me what exactly you need,I will create premium template according to your requirements. You will certainly get satisfied.

Convert Wordpress to Blogger( Price starting : 25$ )

I will convert  Wordpress template to blogger. Send me your Wordpress template, I will convert in to blogger and send back to you

Convert PSD, JPG to blogger layout ( Price starting : 25$ )

I will convert your PSD to blogger template.Just send me your image like JPG or PNG, I will send back blogger template with same design.

Customize Your Blog ( Price starting : 12$ )

Under this category, i will costomize your existing blogger template with your need.Such as CSS Javascript jQuery widgets and all other blogger works.

Choose what you need and let me know.Price can be change after discuss.payment method Paypal. Contact me directly from here

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  1. I first hired sohan to help me turn a unique blogger template for my blog.
    He was professional, patient and thorough, and the end result was far better than anything I could have expected.
    Thanks you...