Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Visitors Glad And Improve Conversion

The web owners do think that only the search engine optimization is important for a business.They do not care about the conversion with their clients and customers are going. They do not understand the fact that the conversions are more important than the search engines ranks. The conversion optimization is must and it takes time to test the results. Some of the  optimization ideas can work for specific and not for others. However, we have some common conversion optimization techniques that are applicable to all sites. Just have a look here to know what are they.

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Visible Phone Number To Customers

Most of the customers believe that you are reliable only when they can have traditional communication with you. They want you to communicate via phone, through which they can develop trust on you. It might be irritating for you to receive phone calls daily from the customers even for some silly reasons. It is not that every customer will call you, but displaying your number openly on the site will develop more confidence and trust on you.

Respond To The Mails And Phone Calls

Most of the times, it happens that the business owners do not respond to the call or email of the customers. The phone calls are mostly missed ending up in voicemail. This makes  the customers too irritated and develops a bad impression about you. If you respond to your  customer’s calls, then they will be highly pleasured and excited. Therefore, do make it as a habit to be in touch with your customers.

Avoid Grammatical Errors On website Content

Your website replicates what you are. If you do any spelling mistakes or typos, then it is such an amateur thing for a business owner. The customers will certainly lose confidence on you,  if there are typos and spelling mistakes on your website content. It may sound silly, but it do  have a great impact on your website’s performance.

Give A Detailed Information On Cost And Shipping Details

The customers will decide to buy a product based on so many different features, but the cost of the products is a significant one. It plays a major role in deciding whether to transact  or not. If you do not provide price information on your site, then it is more likely that the  customers will move on to other site. Similarly, be open with the shipping costs. Do not let  your customers wait to reach end of the shopping process to know the total amount they have to pay.

Include ‘About Us’ Page to Your Site

Do take time to express about yourself in the ‘About us’ page. It gives a chance to the customers to have some personal information about yourself, which in turn build confidence on yourself as you share about yourself with your customers. Generally, many customers want to visit the ‘About us’ page to know about your personal and business details. A  perfect ‘About us’ page can yield you more visitors.

Highlight Your Links On site

Make your links stand out of the crowd. You can achieve it many ways. Change the font, colour, style, highlight etc. If you do not present your links in proper way, then the customers will misunderstand it as normal text. The links are just for navigating to other links. Make the links clear to the visitors.

Develop An Error Page in Your Site

There are always chances for the presence of broken links on the webpage. If the customers click on a broken link and redirect to a page that they do not understand or have no further options, then you have a chance to lose them. If you create a customized error 404 page, then the customers know what they have to do and will decide to stay on your page.

Repair Broken Links In your Site

Though it is said that the broken links are common in websites, it is must to take care of them. You must try to repair the broken links for better customer satisfaction. It is mandatory to check all your internal links regularly. You have to make sure the internal links are updated all the time.

Include Links In Your Web Content

Make it as a practice to include necessary links on your website to make people stay within your website. If there are not links present in your website and when people reach the end of the content, they think that they can leave the site. If links are there like links to testimonials,links to about us page etc. then the customers will be motivated to stay further on your site.

Include CTA (Call To Action)

Do include this on your website to instruct the users about what they have to do next on yourwebsite. Some examples are ‘buy now, add to cart, contact us, click to view testimonials, sign up, check out, follow us’ etc.  All these will let the user know what to do further on your site letting them stay on your site for long.

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