Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Do i Create a Blog For Make Money

What Are Blogs And How Do You Make Money Out Of It

Today many people are making money by having their own blogs. A web blog is a form of a site that is set up by an individual though it can even be run by a company. Here personal opinion can be published, experiences on a certain topic in the form of a journal or one can post updates on certain products or services in such a website as well. Blogs have gained popularity online and many are even able to attract lucrative advertisements on their site. Indeed, that is how the concept of making money through blogs came in. When you aim to make money through blogs, you need to identify certain strategies and utilize them. The first part of these strategies will comprise of attracting the readers to your site. The second part would consist of cashing in on the online traffic that flows into the site. That is the essence behind the process of making money through blogging and it applies to all the successful blogging ventures out there.


Deciding On The Content

Before you worry about how to get money flowing into your blog, you need to first decide on a content that is unique. Remember that there are endless blogs on every topic imaginable. You can run a search on blogs of the topic you have in mind in order to see what people are writing about it, which blogs seem to gain a lot of traffic and so forth. That will give you an idea of the popularity of the topic and what you need to do in order to get started.

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Choosing A Niche

It is best to identify the topic for your blog by keeping the following points in mind:

•    Decide on the blog topic before you begin
•    The industry niche on which your topic focuses on should be a point of interest for the online
•    You can research as to the hot topics that are trending these days and cash in on that by writing a
     blog on it
•    It is best to start a blog on a  subject matter you are an expert on or can talk about

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Promoting The Blog

Once you have picked up the right niche and the topic, you need to know how to attract the target viewers to your site. They need to know that a blog on the topic has come up and the unique content that it offers. Not only should you incorporate SEO techniques to get your blog noticed by the search engines, you can start writing guest posts on relate blogs, participate in online conversations where the topic is related to you blog and other indirect means of advertising your blog.

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How To Cash In On Your Blog

The common way of generating making money from your blog is to attract ads to your blog. You can get started by choosing an advertising tool like AdSense or Clicksor which will direct related ads to your site. The click through rates are higher for these ads and that will ensure more traffic to your site. If you have marketed your site right, you will soon have companies seeking to put up their ads on your site. You may then be selective and have ads that are right for your blog. Many will wish to own advertising blocks on your site.

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In such cases, you need to be prepared with the advertising package that you will offer. With the right ad partners, you will get enough of making money and traffic to your blog.
Hope this helps to make money from your blog.


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    1. yes, you are correct.Contents always very helpful for onpage seo.

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      If you have good traffic you can get more advertiser to your blog.
      keep working for your blog.

  5. hello..i have a question.Please help me. my blog url was when i started this blog on 21 feb 2013.but on 14 apr 2013 i have taken the custom domain through blogger. Now my question is, when i will be eligible to apply for the adsense i.e. after the 6 months from the 21 feb i.e start of the blog or after 6 months from the 14
    apr i.e. from when i took custom domain.

    1. How many unique contents do you have in you blog?
      You don't need to wait until 6 month to apply adsense.

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