Tuesday, February 5, 2013

8 Simple Tips for Increasing Facebook Traffic to Your Blog

Getting traffic from Facebook onto your blog is not easy. The conversion rates from Facebook are terrible because people do not go onto Facebook to look at adverts, and because people on Facebook often want to stay on Facebook. They do not want to go running around other websites to see what is on them.

So, dragging people from Facebook is a difficult job, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you both promote your products and your blog at the same time. If you are not running a blog for a commercial website, then replace the word "product" with "blog" and you find that most of the tips are still applicable.


1 - Publish questions and answers on social media

Encourage questions on social media by setting up a Facebook profile or Facebook fan page especially for questions that your staff answer. When a user has a problem with your blog, product or service they will often Google the problem or contact your online support system. If you take your most common support questions, post them and the answers online, you will find that fewer people will contact your online support system for help. It is a good way of getting people to move back and forth from your website without marketing to them.

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2 - Get them onto your Facebook profile before they call or email

You can go a step further and make it clear to people that they may ask support questions on your social media profile. Make it clear that they may consult your social media profile before getting in touch via your online support system. If the support issue is a common problem, then they are likely to find an answer to their problem via a question that has already been answered on the profile.

If they cannot then they may ask a question, and the reply from your staff will benefit anybody else who has the same problem. Again, just like tip number one, you can pull the trick where you refer them to a large article that solves the problem, and that large article just happens to be located on your blog.

3 - Add demonstration videos to YouTube and Link to your profile

One benefit with posting demonstration videos on YouTube is the fact that you may stream the video onto your own website and may post the same ones on your Facebook fan page. Next to the product description, you may stream a YouTube video of the demonstration. This is often easier then installing and uploading a video onto your server, especially if you do not have a lot of bandwidth or hosting space to spare. You can use both YouTube and Facebook to promote your website at the same time.

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4 - Show people how your blog, product or service works

Show people images and videos on your Facebook fan page, and show them how fast, hard, strong and high quality your products are, or how powerful, well thought out and well researched your words are. Do not just demonstrate them, put them under pressure and ask them to do an awful lot so that your customers can see just how great your products are. In no time, they will be jumping off of Facebook and onto your website to buy your products.

It is not uncommon for potential customers to look online for product demonstration videos. YouTube is a big player in this field, and it is full of product demonstrations that have been posted by regular users.

For example, cotton candy machines are no longer as expensive as they were, but some people do not like the idea of buying a cheap toy that does not work. Checking on YouTube to see how they work is a good idea, so making sure that your demonstration is the one they see is very important. Just like with tip 3, make sure the link is added to your Facebook timeline and video library.

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5 - Give people Facebook information on micro-blogging networks

The most popular micro-blogging network is Twitter, but sites such as Tumblr are also useful. Being overly promotional on micro-blogging sites is going to give you a mixed result that is probably not in your best interest. But, if you build a reputation for posting usable updates and information, then your loyal customers and target customers are going to become interested.

You can often tickle their interest on micro-blogging sites and then catch the conversion when they land on your Facebook fan page. Things such as new price cuts and offers are okay, but they are not ideal. Things such as software updates and free additional services may grab their attention a little more.

6 - Write about your product guarantees and write your own reviews

People may want a little reassurance before they purchase a product, and doing a little research on a product may offer them the reassurance they need. That is why you need to control what they see as much as you can. You do not want people looking at other websites and other people’s reviews of your products; you want people to see the ones that you posted.

7 - Offer exclusive deals on your Facebook page

You should also try a few personalized marketing tactics too. For example, you publish a monthly discount code that is only available on Facebook. This gives people an incentive to follow you, which is especially true if they cannot find the same discount code anywhere else.

8 - Do not over promote on your Facebook fan page

Social media networks are powered by users. They are not logging on to be marketed to, nor are they logging on because they want to find something out about a business or product. In essence, people either log on for social interaction and/or for entertainment. You are able to use social media to interact with your target audience, which you may then turn to your advantage. Think more along the lines of interacting and less along the lines of marketing or promotion.

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