Friday, February 4, 2011

How To put Youtube video in to blog

If you want to add video to your blog.Its easy try this.

1. Go to Youtube and select video what you want to put.

2. You can put direct URL, so have to find Embed Code.

3. You can find Embed code below the Youtube Player and click Embed.

4. After copy this code and log to your blogger account.
    Go to posting tab >>New post and click Edit HTML

5. Now paste that code In Edit HTML area.

6. You are preview and watch is it work.


  1. how can we embed youtube video in Blogger as a gadget as in

  2. Awesome work job! Loving it :-)html5 media player

  3. Thanks for your post.HTML5 is too far than flash and also flash is very powerful than HTML5. Below are the few points which I have noticed
    1) Video compatibility (youtube html5 player need different format of video for different browsers, which directly impact on storage and bandwidth)
    2) Styling (need separate CSS for different browsers)
    3) Multiple audio support at one time and simulations
    4) Code is not secure
    And many more…

    But as per my analysis and Adobe Flash acceptance for HTML 5. Seems that after few years HTML 5 will be closer competitor.