Friday, July 12, 2013

Optimize Images for Increase Blogger Traffic

This is the easiest way to optimize your content in Blogger. You just need to focus on the images.
Most of articles contains with few images. Did you ever think, you can generate ton of traffic from image based search engines like Google images. If you want to get more traffic you  must know, how to Optimize your images.


How It's work

For example, Think Google comes across the following image.

Normally we are using <img> tag for images.Therefore Search engine only know that's image URL.
All of we can see its image of the car,but search engine cannot understand it.Hence we have to give some alt and description tag to help search engine for better understanding images.

Use Correct images

For example, If you are going to write a article about cars.Just find the car image for your article.Actually image gives thousands of words.Thats why you need to choose content related image.An article wihout an images is just dull and boring.

Rename your photo according to article

If you want to optimize your images even further,You need to change file name.Because you have to target your keywords.Once you have your keywords ready.You need to use them as file name. lets say,You are trying to use keyword as "Sport car".But, what i see more people named thier image as 1234.jpg.This is not the correct way.You have to rename it as sport-car.jpg.

Alt tags.

Alt tag is alternative text if the image cant be displayed.( slow connection) Actually its useful for visitors and search engines.Text should also contain keywords when describing the image.Thats why its good idea to  use important keywords in alt tag.This is how you should add it.
<img src="sport-car.jpg" alt="Sport car" />

How to add Alt tag to blogger images.

1. Log in to blogger
2. Click new post and add a image like usual.


3.After that select you image and when it get highlighted, you can see option bar like below.
Sport car
4. Now Click on properties and add Title text and Alt text.


Anchor Text

If you are linking to your image using text, you have to use anchor text that includes your  keywords
which helps to describe your image.This can be similar description text you ussed in alt tags.

Hope this helps to optimize you image for maximum search engine result.other Thigs is make sure image file size should be kept as low as possible.It help to improve your site speed.If you have any other awesome tips, share with us.Comment are welcome.


  1. nice tricks....i am add this on my new post...

    Ariful Haque

  2. yes Alt tag is a good way to drive more traffic from Google. but the problem is that i heard that, Traffic that come from Google image is reduce your earning. i mean CTR of Google image is this right or wrong.
    My recent post:

    1. Its true.
      However always we use images for our articles right.
      Actually Monetising Google traffic is very hard job,Because most of traffic isn't usually going to go directly to your website.Therefore you can try some other methods like CPM networks (Click Per Impression) where you get paid per impression.

  3. Naming an image and using alt text for images to enhance blog presence is a nice trick. Your blogging tips are useful

    1. It helps to get more visitors to your blog.
      Thanks for comment sangam.

  4. really very nic me going to try this

  5. Sohan Jayasinghe Bro U Made Informative Post For us.
    Step by step u mention Good things Image optimization that's very good point of view in this articles i want to say that we should also use a proper Img dimension this is good for Search Engines Also.
    Well thanks for this Post

    1. Hi Rizwan,

      Exactly. we should use a proper dimension.It helps to render the page faster too.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Nice Post,,,

  7. You have to reduce your Image size too for, faster loading performance.