Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool For SEO

Researching keywords also  one of the main part of SEO. If we  want to  rank  our  blog, we  have  to choose some better keywords and it helps  to  get plenty of  traffic too. For that  have to use keyword  tools to estimate amount of searched  for given  keywords. If you are hope to write good  article   to your blog, you  have  to  use healthy keywords to your  post .Keywords  density  should be 2% - 3%. That's why we have  to  focus for keyword tool before write any article.

LSI Keywords for SEO: Importance, Selection & Usage


Importance of Keywords in SEO

Keywords help to identity of the website. We do SEO for website to be found by search engine for the words we given to search.For example someone search a keywords as SEO Tips. Search engine, like google show the result according that SEO tips keywords.Therefore, if you use low competition and better keyword to your article.It helps to show your site on Google first pages. Because of it,you will get more traffic to your blog.

How to Use keywords in Blog

You have to add keywords at right place your blog.Just add keywords in meta tags of your blog.It is common SEO method all bloggers do.Other important thing is, when you are going to write a article, Just use a keyword in your post title and article body. Because, Post title and little description shows in Google result when we search any phrase via Google search.

How to use Google Adwords key words tools

There have lot of tools for keywords research.One of the best tool is Google adwords keyword tool.
Most of bloggers are don't know how to use Google Adword keywords tools to find a better keywords for your blog. Lets have a look at, how to use this tool.

1. Go to

2. Select keyword tool from Tools and Analysis drop down menu. Like below.


3. Type some words you want to analyze on word or phrases text box.


You can click Advanced Options There have more filters like Locations and languages,Show Ideas and Statistics for and more. like above.

4. On left bar Match Type make sure just tick the [Exact]
5. After that just click Search button and see result on
Keyword ideas. like below.

Choose low competition keyword,You can check Global monthly search,Local monthly search, Approximate CPC and more.

Adword Keyword Tools
  help to find best keyword for your article or blog.Hope this explanation help to you all.If you have any doubts about how to use Adword Keyword Tools, Just leave a comment.I will help you. Good luck.


  1. Nice Sharing Brother...
    Keyword Tools is very useful tools for us this will help us to chose better keyword for our posts, blogs whatever
    thanks for that

    1. Of course rizwan bro.Keyword Tools is very useful when we want to choose best keyword for blog post.

  2. should i choose high ranked keywords ofr high ranked keywords

    1. Just choose Low competition keywords.Its easy to rank.