Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Setup Feedburner for Blogger

I think all of you are heard of Rss Feedburner. Most people who are new to blogging, they don't know what is Rss feed and how important it is. Therefore i hope to write about What is rss,What are the benefits of using it and How to setup Feedburner properly.

What is a Feedburner

Feedburner is web feed management which helps to keep tracking favorite websites to users.
Millions of bloggers are using this service.Basically, As blogger we can use this service for
Distribute our blog's new updated to numbers of peoples who registered Feedburner via our blog.

Why FeedBurner is Important for Bloggers

Feedburner is free service and it has a ton of great feature.These are some features,

1. Feedburner helps to analyze your blog and optimize blogger posts.
2. Users can subscribe via emails.
3. subscribes get a email when blog has updated with articles.
4. Feedbuner allow to add Adsense ads for monetize your feed.
5. Automatically pin with online just from URL.

How to setup Feedburner for blogger

1. You need to have Google account.Most of bloggers have it.  Feedbuner Log in page

2. Now add your site like below and click Next

3. Add feed title and feed address like below.


5.  Click skip directly to feed management below.

Now you can see few blogging platforms. Ignore it and juct click optimize tab.

Configure RSS feedburner management

lets have a look at Optimize tab

In optimize, make sure you activated Browserfriendly, SmartCast and SmartFeed.Browserfriendly make subcribe easier and smartfeed helps to make your feed compatible with any feed reader application.

lets have a look at Publicize tab

In this option you need to activate email subscription for getting users to email updates from your blog.Pingshot also activate. It helps to  notify interested services when your feed changes. Feedcount helps to show off your subscribers counter.

Now you already created Feedburner account for your blog. So, your feed url should be like this. address you given

Example :

Redirect Blogger Feeds To FeedBurner

Important of  Redirect Blogger Feeds To FeedBurner

* Every subscribers will get same feed. ( Atom and RSS feed)
* You can monitor blogger site growth from feedbiuner.
* Help to indicate subscribers correctly.
* It can help to increase your subscribers fast.

How to Redirect Blogger Feeds To FeedBurner

Add Your site Feed URL like above.

Now click save setting Button.  You are done.
Hope this article helps you to understand about how feedburner works.


  1. Nice Sharing bro and well Wrtten this will help us to optimization rss feed for our blogs
    thanks for Apprised us
    Best of luck

  2. Bro i have a question about this post
    when we come into smartcast then they are asking something like Podcast image location, Podcast subtitle, Podcast summary?
    Are necessary to fill this things and why we use this?

    1. Hi Rizwan,

      It help you incorporate links to digital media that can be used to incorporate Podcasting into a feed.if you don't have an idea, Just ignore it for now.I'll talk about this in future post.keep in touch.