Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Increase Twitter Followers in Successful Way

Social media is great  resource to get traffic for your blog. Many  Business  are  now  using  this  social platform as part  of their  social  media  marketing. Twitter is growing day by day, and so is  the aspiration of people have huge number  of  twitter  followers. Hence,  if  you  need to get
numbers of  followers or promote your  business product, Just follow theses successful tips through which you can increse your twitter followers easily.

increase twitter followers

Use a awesome twitter profile photo

This is first tip to get more followers.You should use clean and high resolution image for your profile photo and cover photo too.Because of this, everyone will get your are not a spammer. There have thousands of spammer and fake account on twitter today.Therefore this is the great idea to show you are original profile to others.

Post Unique and great content regularly

People always love to  read unique and interesting articles.Therefore tweet quality content that match to your niche.It will help to get follower and  retweet for great contents.Because They think you are good resource to them.

Use Tweet button to your blog

Every blogger use tweet this button for every article of their blogs.You can add these buttons to get
some retweet to your articles.Actually this is also help to get more followers to your twitter account.
Don't forget to add follower button to your blog too.Make sure to put it on top of side will easy to get.

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Follow similar tweeters

This is really work well.You can follow people with similar interest.when you follow someone who is a good fits in your niche There have high chance to get follow back.Because people liks to get new thing if it is interesting. Keep doing this as you can, it helps to build large followers to your account.

Use some hash tags

Hash tags are word with a "#" behind it. Hast tags are helps to get your tweets in front of other people with related topics by searching.Think,If they find answer with your tweets,People will follow you because they respect to get your more relevant content near future.Use it wisely and get followers.

Retweet others tweets

Retweets means,someone find your tweet  interesting and share it with their followers.If you share someone tweet. Of course they  thinks its greaful and feeling good with you.Thats the way you have to do this.Reweet others tweets as you can.They will most likely to follow you as sign of appreciation and return retweet too.This is the very easiest method to get real followers to your account.

Link Up Your Social Networks

Link your social media account to twitter like Facebook, helps people to connect with you and more people will follow you.

Stay Engaged

You have to stay engaged with your followers.For example, i just writing about your self and you are not replying to it.So, i think you are not going to be interested  connecting with me. There have more chance to loose your twitter followers.Just reply for other tweets and be friendly with your followers. It helps to grow up your twitter followers faster.

Hope this tips help you to gain your twitter followers.Try to get more target followers to your account. You can get more benefits from using them. If you have more great ways, let us know with comments. Good luck.


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    1. Twitter also great source to get some target traffic to your blog.
      Thanks for your comment Rizwan.

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