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Different Forms of Social Media

This is  the digital age.People’s daily lives rely on computers and this goes for one’s personal and career life.You see people in front of computers all day, whether they are using tablets, laptops, mobile phones or personal computers.The internet has made computers  indispensable and  the role of social  media in today’s world has definitely changed things. If  you struggle with social media  then why not hire a social media agency to do the leg work for you to take out all the hassle? As a member of the modern world, it  should be your goal to keep in  tune with what is going on and participation  in these various social media sites  should be  something that you work on.

Different Forms of Social Media

Social Networks

These are the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. These websites exist to connect people. If you want to be able to build your network, these websites will help you spread your horizon and better reach out to people. It makes the world seem smaller and allows people from all areas to connect with each other. Some list of Social Networks You’ll Find in Author Bio. (Blogging Masters)


Twitter is a perfect example of a microblogging site. The platform is very limited, giving only 140 characters to users, but it allows people to keep in touch with each other through small updates. Microblogging is very useful and these sites are accessible though all kinds of mobile devices.

Media Sharing

The internet has succeeded in making this world seem rather small. Communication and correspondence has definitely improved and media sharing through the internet has become simple. With the help of websites like YouTube and Flickr, people are able to share videos and photos, respectively.

Bookmarking Sites

These are the likes of StumbleUpon and Delicious. Mere web users can take advantage of bookmarking sites, to gain access to the right websites, articles and so forth. For website and business owners, such sites help them effectively connect with people. Some High Pr Social bookmarking sites list.


A forum is a specific place in the web where people are given the opportunity to come together and talk about certain things. Forums are organized so that people of the same interests can convene with each other, share insights, opinions, tips, tricks and reviews.


Another example of a social media tool is a blog which is nothing but a website that is a collection of articles or posts. They could be a combination of texts, photos and videos and they could be about anything. Some people maintain blogs about their personal life, some are maintained for business; and some keep blogs about a specific genre or niche.

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