Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why use Infographics on your Blog?

Info-graphics have a double role for your blog. Firstlythey help you rank higher in search engine searchesand secondly they make your blog more interactive,helping you gain more audience. Also, info-graphics engage your readers and help you make your points more clearly. Let’s face it, images are much more efficient than text posts.


People skim your Posts:

Regardless of their motivation, boredom or searching for information, people don’t read online, they
skim the information. They look for the main points in a text; they don’t bother reading it altogether,
especially first readers. They will skim your blog to get the general feel of your writing. Therefore an
info-graphic is the perfect way to catch their attention and keep them on your page.

You rank higher in search engine searches

The advantage you have with info-graphics is that you can repost them in multiple locations without
getting penalized, unlike text posts that need to be unique. You can get traffic for your blog by using
backlinks in your info-graphics, which also help you rank higher in search engines results.

Infographics go Viral:

If your info-graphic is creative or humorous it will likely to go viral much faster. If people enjoy it they will share it. The benefits of info-graphics are: they are less time consuming to read as text or video posts, they have a great deal of entertaining content, they can be seen and understood quickly and they can be shared easily.

Infographics are easy to Remember:

Our brain is a visual organ. Info-graphics help your readers connect mentally with the information you present, by using a combination of text and pictures. The two elements combined are the real strength of an info-graphic eliminating their separate faults. Think about it this way, sometimes a picture lacks clarity due to the absence of an additional text explanation and text lacks the visual appeal of pictures, becoming bland and uninteresting.An info-graphic becomes this way an interesting and eye-catching element on our page that clarifies the information you want to deliver in a very interactive way.

Infographics Explain Relationships:

When you use an info-graphic you underline the existing connections between the points you are trying to make. You show the relationships between the delivered information in a very realistic way, which is appealing to your readers. You will always receive a better response, engagement and interest from you audience if you give them information that they can easily understand. This is exactly what an info-graphic does; it breaks down the information in a very pleasant way.

If you choose to incorporate info-graphics in your blog you will see that in a very short time your
readership will grow and you will reach more people.

In the creation process of your info-graphic be creative, entertaining and make sure it serves a purpose. This way is more likely that it will go viral. Remember what are your goals and you will surely get the best results.

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