Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How Effective is Your Website?

The website is your “shop window”. You should spend more  time in your  shop  as  if it was the  window of a traditional  store  on  Via Monte Napoleone. Your web site  must  attract  customers  and  keep  them  coming back.  Are  you  ready?  Pretend  to  be  a  customer or better yet, ask someone who has never visited your site visit and to answer these questions:


Where to look now?

A visitor to the web site usually has an attention span of a few seconds. This means that your
site needs to attract the curiosity in the shortest possible time. Therefore, make sure that the
first thing that is seen as something quite interesting.

At first glance you know what is the website?

Again. You have a very short period of time to “give the message.” If your website has too
many distractions, the site visitor will never know whether articles.

The header is important?

Most visitors to your site want to know the details immediately, without too much effort. If you
have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find what you do or what to sell, probably will leave
the page ahead of schedule. Make sure your Selling Proposition (your selling proposition) is
clear and concise.

You can easily find my services?

A visitor to the website wants to know as much as possible about the benefits of your services.
The characteristics of the service you offer is important, but the most important thing that a
visitor wants to know is that the service will have an impact that will change his life … for the

There is a clear call to action?
If visitors like what they are looking, you have to entice them to take an action as soon as
possible. The call to action may be to buy now, start a free trial to find out more, or something
else. Make sure there are too many calls to action to get the negative effect.

The colors and images on the site are nice?

If your site is too full or messy, serious risk of losing visitors. Take some ‘time to coordinate
colors and seek high-quality images that add meaning to the message.

The font is easy to read?

Make sure the font you are using is easy to read and a font that is not distracting. Do not give
rein to the imagination, using fonts legible and easy to understand even for visually impaired

There are sections written anywhere on the page?

Make sure that paragraphs are not too long and that there are too many “boxes” that invoke
other articles. Divide items into smaller sections too long.

Menu items clearly say where they bring?

Design and usability are often overlooked. Think about what information you would like to see
opening this site and build your menu accordingly. There should almost always be an “about
us” and a link “contact us”.

Is there an easy way to contact the company?

If your site visitors are really interested, you probably want to contact you even for simple
questions. Make sure that the contacts are easy to reach, do not hide.

Writing formal or friendly?

The formal writing is good for … Well, the big companies. A small company does not have
to pretend to be big, formal writing is detached from the public. Your ability to relate
with customers is a great pride, so if you choose to write texts, immediately engaging and
conversational tone.

There are links to social media?

Social media let you communicate with potential customers, and allow them to communicate
with each other. Include links to your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts
… but watch. Do not let them die before you start. If you create a link to your blog, this will be
updated. If you put your page facebook , it must be fed with offers and news. If you link your
twitter profile often interact with your followers and uses ashtag right.

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