Monday, March 25, 2013

Handy Tools for the Beginners to Start SEO Campaign

These days, you must have noticed that every business professional  prefers  to adopt search  engine optimization  techniques (SEO) to  make   his site visible in the search  engine  result  pages. The purpose  is to attract more  visitors towards  the site in order to increase the
probability of sales.

SEO is all about Selecting Right Tools

Keep in mind that an effective SEO of any site is dependent on the selection of efficient SEO tools. Different kinds of SEO tools are available these days with the help of which you can gauge that whether your SEO efforts are going in right direction or not. These tools aid the SEO experts to conduct keyword research as well as to check page rank, backlinks’ strength, indexed pages, and much more. Hence, you can say that SEO tools are actually everything in SEO process.

Tools For your SEO Campaign

Here are few SEO tools and sites, which every SEO expert should know if he is starting ecommerce SEO campaign for the first time. The details are as follows:


There have SEO tools collection. You can get a Top Three Online SEO Tools on there.
Just reviews of the top online tools here.You can get the summery of these three SEO tools on there.
Basically you will get following three tools in this site.

     • Ziffen Tools
     • SEOmoz
     • Hubspot

2. SEOQuake

It is an add-on tool, which works well with Opera browser, Firefox, and Chrome. You can use this tool to make sure that the website is of high quality or not and to achieve this purpose, it helps in analyzing the followings:

     •Page Rank
     •SEMRush Links
     •Number of external and internal backlinks
     •Google and Bing Indexed Pages
     •Alexa rank
     •Keyword Trends

Besides analyzing all above-mentioned parameters, this add-on also assists in On- page SEO activities.

2. Google Analytics

Here you need to understand that the basic aim of SEO is to get more traffic on the site. If this is the actual purpose then one must need to monitor it as well and for this, the best SEO tool is Google Analytics. This tool actually helps the expert is finding out the sources, which are generating traffic. These sources include social media, traffic, referral sites, etc. Apart from this, with the help of this tool, you can create conversion funnels with the help of which you can analyze how people are responding to your actions in order to assess your navigation process.

3. Opensiteexplorer

It is a web tool, which proves handy while evaluating the progress of your SEO campaign, search engine quality of competitors’ site and potential link partners’ site.

4. SEOMoz Pro

It is one of the best tracking tools available these days with the help of which you can assess your SEO campaigns. Based on the results of SEOMoz Pro, you can design the strategies to make your next SEO campaigns worthy.

Apart from these tools, you can also consider many others SEO tools for distinct
purposes. The details are as follows:

     • Backlink Checker to determine incoming links of any particular domain
     • Keyword Density Checker to check the density of the keyword in you content
     • SEO Writer to create SEO content
     • HTML Optimizer to optimize HTML code
     • Meta Tag Extractor to extract the meta-tags of the website
     • Robots.txt Checker to view site’s robots.txt files
     • Complete Ranking Checker to analyze rank, unique visitors, and frequent visitors.

Overall, you can say that SEO is nothing if you do not have right tools to analyze the effort. Without these tools, it is just like doing things in dark, which will waste your time and effort. Thus, get the rights tools to implement the strategy in the right manner.

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