Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Short Guide On Updating Your Facebook With Twitter

We all  know  that  Facebook and Twitter are two of the most  popular  social  network  sites  today. However, it would  seem that  these two  sites  share  more than just their popularity, as the user is capable of  updating their content in Facebook  through Twitter. As both networks are  popular,  it is  likely  that  most  people  like  to use Facebook    and   Twitter  at   the  same  time. Selective
Tweets  is an  app for  Facebook  that allows the user to cross-post from  Twitter to Facebook, allowing the user to update their posts and pages. This article is a short guide on how to use this wonderful app.
How to start and use Selective Tweets

Using this app is easy. All you have to do is to go to the Selective Tweets app on Facebook. Enter the Twitter ID you want to use in the box, then click “Save.” After that, you will need to add the app into the account. This will give the app permission to access your information. Click on the “Go to App” button and “Allow.” The app is now ready to use. From there, anytime you are in Twitter, simply add the hashtag #fb in your tweet to post the update in Facebook. The #fb hashtag is important, as the app will recognize that hashtag as a cue to post it into Facebook.

Selective Tweets also makes it possible to update your Facebook page using Twitter. First, you will need to have a Twitter account that is related to a Twitter page. Click on the “Your Pages” tab then enter the Twitter username you want to use to update the fan page you want and press Enter to save it. From there, every time you tweet with the #fb hashtag, it will also post the update on the Facebook fan page.

Selective Tweets settings

You can customize the way Selective Tweets are posted onto your Facebook page through the “Settings” tab. Under this tab, you can choose to check different settings, like allowing the #fb hashtag anywhere on the tweet (if unchecked, Selective Tweets will only post the tweet on Facebook if #fb is at the end of the tweet), including prefixes in the tweets that you yourself can come up with, including a link to your Twitter profile and inserting real names whenever you mention someone (ex. @username). It’s all about personal preference, but you can choose to check these settings to allow a
much more cleaner look for your tweet, as using a @mention in Facebook would give off the idea that you are using Twitter.

Overall, Selective Tweets is the app for those who use both Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to this app, Twitter users can now save time updating multiple accounts across different networks. Twitter users no longer have to go through the trouble of opening multiple tabs for Facebook and Twitter; they can now simply tweet from Twitter and the app would do the rest for them. They can even choose how their tweet will look in Facebook, giving them a cleaner look. And that is the short guide on
how to use the Selective Tweets app for Facebook.

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