Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to Boost Your Page Ranking in 2013

In the year 2012, there have  been several changes in the  SEO  scene. Google   has  made  changes  to  its search algorithm  and  has  given new  updates to the entire   online   population.   All   the  existing   SEO techniques have been spruced up to match the current trends. Page Ranks play an indefinite role in ranking your site  high  in  the  search engines. The benefit ofranking  higher  in  search  engines  is  the  enormous amount  of  traffic  your site, receives. Increased pageviews,  contribute  to  increased ‘call to  action’. This would  result  in  higher  number  of transactions with
which you can achieve business objectives.

Let us understand the logic behind Google Page Ranks, and find out what factors affect them. Google
Page Ranks are between the values 1 and 10. If your site scores close to a perfect ‘10’, it means that
your site is trusted, and if the score is close to ‘0’ it means the credentials of the site need to be
improved. One of the tasks at hand for an SEO professional is to change the reversing trend of lowering
page ranks, to achieve a steady increase in Page Ranks.

Creating Quality Links

Creating quality back links and clean in-bound links are the need of the hour. It is high time that you do away with just focusing on the number of links to your site. For instance, if your site is cluttered with several links from un-trusted sources, they will definitely lead your site down the cliff, in Page Ranks. Links to and from spam sites will also have the same detrimental result.

The best practice to be followed here is to have quality back links to sites that are related to your niche.This will definitely add value to your website’s SEO efforts. Create guest posts on sites that sport a high authority, and watch your Page Rank grow.

Original Content with Authority

You should be strict while framing the content policies for your website or blog. If you lag in this aspect, search engines will penalize you heavily even for a single mishap.

Have a strict policy against plagiarizing content. Do not host content that is copied, even by
mistake. Such errors might prove fatal to your Page Rank.
Research thoroughly and write original content that is precise. Add analysis, graphs, and all the
necessary information at the right places.
Keyword infusion should be done cautiously. Do not stuff keywords unnecessarily, which will
render your content meaningless.
If you hold a Google Plus profile, use it to your advantage. Google authorship does wonders to
the credibility of your content and it increases your Page Rank. Enhance Social signals by being
active in Social Media.
Take care of site design, layout, and navigation. A streamlined content presentation is a pre-
requisite for search engines.

Google has transformed the SEO space and has restricted our usual way of working. Special care in
linking and content creation should be followed for maintaining good Page Ranks. If thin sites with low quality links and content are hosted, the sites are lowered in ranking. Thus, the year 2013 will require websites to quickly adapt to changes in the SEO space.

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