Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Killer Ways to Make Money with your Personal Blog

Are you a blogger? If yes, then you  would have come across  the  question – ‘How to  make  money with my personal  blog?’  Sometimes,  even   you  would  have thought about  it. Haven’t you? Everybody would love to make  a  few  dollars  out  of their words. If you are also one  amongst  those  bloggers,  then  here are fivekiller ways to make money  with  your   personal blog


Niche Concept:

Blogs about specific interests will have a steady stream of traffic and will make huge profits. Check out the top blogs and list out the niches that people are interested in. This is because people interested
in a particular topic like technology or entertainment will visit only the blogs related to that niche. So
choose a niche for your blog that you are passionate about, and start maintaining your blog with regular updates. This will make it easy for you to update your blog with latest news and stories.

Content is King:

Try updating your blog regularly to keep your readers engaged. When it comes to blogging, there’s
always a necessity for quality content and great writing skills. It’s not that you need to be an
experienced writer to make money, but you should be an excellent writer to attract readers. Choose
latest trending topics to discuss on your personal blog. While it’s true that you can do anything you
please on your personal blog, the fact that your audience should like it can't be denied. Do remember,
writing about hot news would attract visitors, but turning them to readers is possible only if your
content is unique. Allow your readers to comment on your posts, so that you get to know what your
readers are expecting from you.

Ads –Limit it:

It’s basically about Google Adsense here. Most bloggers ask the question - ‘How do I get my readers to click the ads?’ but it actually should be ‘What should I do to place relevant ads on my content to attract my readers?’ In simple words, if you place relevant ads, your readers are eventually going to click it. At the same time, remember the fact – ‘ads are to be between content, and not content between ads.’

Spring Clean Your Personal Blog:

Actually, this must have been the first one to be listed. Most bloggers have their sidebars cluttered and unorganized with almost all sorts of things. So, as a good start, go through all your widgets and check if those widgets really add some positive value to your blog, like drive traffic or is it important to have it. If you feel it to be unnecessary, then just delete it.

Be the Ultimate Affiliate!

Now that you are done with cleaning your side bars, start sharing affiliate links. Don’t include any
banners on your sidebar, footer or header, apart from the essential affiliate programs. Try including
the affiliate links in all the articles related to the links and also ensure you give a brief description of the service.

Have you edited your blog to adhere to the five killer ways to make money mentioned above? If yes,
then you can surely expect a substantial amount of income from your personal blog. But, you need to be patient. You can’t make money from your personal blog overnight unless you have a substantial amount of visitors every day. Yes, start playing the ‘Search Engine Optimization Game.’ Promote your personal blog through various optimizing techniques like social media marketing, forums, guest posting, etc. By promoting your blog, you get to attract many visitors, and ultimately you get to earn from your personal blog.

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