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8 Signs That You Are On The Right Way To Blogging

You may have  been  blogging for quite a while now and you are starting to wonder if it is all worthwhile. This  article  will  help you if  you would  like some form of encouragement to be sure that you are going the right way about your blogging. This article gives you eight  signs you  should  look  out for when you are  blogging. If  you  are   coming  across  some  of these signs during your blogging career then you are doing something right.


Increased and consistent traffic

Consistent traffic numbers are very good. If they are consistent then it means that you
have a fairly loyal readership. High traffic numbers are good too, since there is little
point in consistently having five people looking at your blog. It is better to have five
hundred people consistently looking at your blog. If you are getting consistent numbers
attending your blog then it means you are doing something right and that you should
keep doing what you are doing. It may simply indicate that you need to market your blog
a little more if you want to get your attendance numbers up. If you are getting consistent
numbers then it means you are doing the blogging part correctly. So, all you need to do
is increase your marketing efforts and you will get higher traffic numbers that are still
consistent (hopefully).

Blogging has become easy

Are your blog posts getting easier to write? Are you getting more comments without
trying? Have you noticed that your traffic is consistently high? This means that your
blogging has gotten easier, and if it is getting easier then it is a sign that you are doing
something right.

Your blog seems to rank highly in the search engine results without you trying

Hundreds of webmasters are paying third world writers a few crumbs per day to come
up with content that will help them to increase their blogs rank in the search engine
result pages. People are paying for links and paying for additions into directories in the
vein hope that their efforts will be rewarded with a higher ranking in the search engine
results pages. If you are starting to rank highly in the search engine results and you are
not trying to increase your ranking artificially--then you are doing something right and
should keep doing what you are doing.

Your comment section seems to fill quite quickly after each blog posting

This may be because you have a high readership, which is a good thing because what
is the point in blogging if nobody is reading your blogs? Your comment section may fill
up because you allow people to link from your comment section and the links may be
followed by Google (they do not have a No-Follow function attached). If the links can
be followed then you should watch out for link spam. Otherwise, the fact that you allow
links may just be another incentive for people to comment on your blog, and if you are
getting lots of comments then your blog may have a reasonably sized audience, and
may be rising in PageRank, since people are so eager to link from it.

You notice that parts of your blog are shared around

There are share buttons that you can install on your blog so that people can share parts
of your blog. You should install these share buttons because often you can install a web
address at the bottom of each share, so that people pass around your blogs URL (as
well as its content). If you notice that parts of your blog are being shared around then
you should take this as a sign that your blogging efforts are paying off. People do not
share content that does not appeal to them, so you must be doing something right.

Your blog is mentioned online

This mention can come from any direction. It can come from social media, online
forums, and the comment sections of other blogs. There are some very nice free tools
out there for checking whether certain key terms are mentioned on social media and
online. If you search out these tools, you can check to see if your blog post is being
mentioned online. If people are talking about your blog posts online on social media
and on forums then you should try to join in. Try not to be too aggressive if the mentions
about you are negative, but even if they are, you should get in on the conversation and
give people your point of view.

If you are being mentioned online by other people then it is a good thing. This still
applies if the mentions are negative in any way, because it still draws attention to your
blog posts. It will make people search out your blog, and may even link to your blog post
already. If it does not link to your blog post already then why not find a way to install a
link to your blog post. Mentions online are a sign that whatever you are doing with your
blog is working. The only type of negative attention in the blogging world is a lack of
interest in your blog.

 Your blogs bounce rate is at an all time low

The bounce rate is figured out by how many people visit your blog and then click “Back”
or close the browser immediately. For example the websites that have an auto-start
video will always have a high bounce rate because people will click to get rid of the tab
in their browser when an auto-start video begins. If your bounce rate is really low then
this means that the people visiting your blog are sticking around to read your posts and
explore the rest of your blog. This is a good thing, and you can lower your bounce rate
further by making sure that your blogs navigation is easy to use and fast, and by making
sure that your blog is very well internally linked.

Your blog attendance is the highest between 0-48 hours after posting

You will need some sort of analytic software to check this metric. If you are a good
blogger then you should post your blog post on the same day every week. You should
also post at the same time if you are smart enough to use some form of scheduling tool.
Supposing you are doing this, you should experience a surge in traffic during the first
forty-eight hours of your blog post being published online.

Your blog post may experience traffic all week, and that is a good thing, but if you are
doing something right then you should receive your highest traffic numbers within the
first forty-eight hours of your blog post being published online. This is a signal that
people are waiting for your blog posts and that you have a loyal readership. Most loyal
readers will read your blog post on the first day if they have an RSS feed and within 48
hours if they are fans of your blog.

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blogging, social media, internet marketing and other tips.

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