Monday, October 29, 2012

Basic SEO Techniques For Blogger

In this post, im  gonna explain about SEO (SearchEngine  Optimization) who don't have idea about basic  thing.  SEO  is   one of the   method which optimizing   website in  an   effective way.  In the
presents many more websites launched everyday. So, Now it  become powerful  internet  marketing
technique which helps to placing a website higher up on a search result in search engine. It will call
seo friendly website.

Benefits of SEO

By using SEO on website,It helps to get a huge numbers of relevant website traffic.
SEO helps you to get  listed in top 10 position in major result in search engine, like Google,yahoo,Bing, MSN.
So its mean
More traffic- more business
More business- more profit
That's why performing seo is very important to your website.

SEO can divide in to two parts

On Page SEO
On page Seo mean optimizing process inside your website.It mean, optimizing website content
HTML code,link structure.Optimizing resources are images,page title,link,sitemaps,keywords.
So,you have to improve your content quality and keywords.Meta tag also very important in on page optimization.Therefore you have to use proper meta tag for your website.You can use title ta and alt tag for better seo.

Off page SEO
Off page Seo mean, optimizing process outside of your website.Basically it mean,Getting high quality backlink from other side and driving more traffic through website. So,there have lot of strategies,Such as Directory
,Classifieds submission,business directory submission,Forum posting,social media bookmarking submission,email marketing,Search engine submissions, guest posting, blog commenting and article submission. These are some of Link building strategies.So, if you can do this properly it will cover the off page SEO well. Actually, Long term for SEO, Off page optimization is very helps to drive more traffic to your website.

SEO is very important part for website business.There have lot of campaign for it.I think you got the basic idea of seo and how it works and what beneficent you will get.I hope to write more about to related to SEO.That's why i stared with basic introduction. Keep in touch.Good luck.


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  2. Hi there. Really both on page and off page matters a lot. But now off page is more important.

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