Friday, January 20, 2012

How to make a blog site 2017

1. First you must have Gmail account.if not make new
Gmail account. after go to  and sign in.

2. After u logged u can see like this page,click "Create your blog now".

 3. Now you can see its u can enter blog title as you hope to post
      and  your site name.
4.  Make sure after u entered click "check availability.if no one taken that name u can get it.
     If not it will say it not available,change the website name and try again after it will
     say it available can click "continue".

5.  After that you can select can choose it as your can change it
     after also, so no   need to worry about it.choose and click "continue".

6. Congratulation,now your blog can start your blogging now.
    click "Start blogging"

7.  Now u can make next post u can see how to make post.


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