Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How To Recover Your Blog From Hummingbird Penalty

If you are a blogger, you might be aware of the recently introduced Hummingbird Algorithm  introduced by Google. This recently introduced algorithm has created a trouble for those having duplicate content or poor backlinks to their sites. Though there are many who have been facing challenges to recover their blog, there are several others who have been benefitted for their efforts. Before searching for the methods to recover your blog from hummingbird penalty, it is necessary that you have an understanding of what Humming bird algorithm is.


The newly introduce Hummingbird algorithm was introduced by Google so as to enhance the efficiency of search engine results. With the increased use of conversational keywords for making the searches, the requirements of the search engines have changed to a great deal. In order to evaluate the search made the user and come up with the best results, Google uses the page rankings and quality of the links of the web page before coming up with the end results. However, if you have been affected with the introduction of this algorithm and have been penalized, here are some effective tips following which you can recover your blog from hummingbird penalty.

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Uniqueness of the Content

If you have been copying content from other sites or the content already posted has errors, this is the right time to update your blog or website with high quality and error free content. A unique, informative and error-free content can help you in increasing the page rankings to a great deal. The more accurate information you have on your blog, the more are the chances to appear on the search engine whenever a search using a related keyword is made.

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Grab high PR links

If you have been using paid links services to grab backlinks to your website or if you have your blog linked with porn site etc, you might become a victim of hummingbird penalty. You should get those links removed and try to get high quality links naturally.

Use of conversational keywords

With the increased use of mobile phones for browsing and using long conversational phrases for searching the matter, it has become necessary that the blog owners evaluate the usage of keywords and try to focus on the ones that are most commonly used by people in the present scenario. 

Get authorized by Google+

Having an authorized membership with Google+ will benefit you in enhancing the search engine rankings. So, you should try to get registered with the search engine in order to reap benefits in future.

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On-page optimization

On-page optimization provides an opportunity to the bloggers to enhance their visibility via reputed channels. Using social media sites for promotion can also prove to be beneficial in the process.

If your blog has noticed a decline in its rankings due to the recently introduced hummingbird algorithm, the above discussed tips will guide you in overcoming the hummingbird penalty. All you need to do is to evaluate your blog and recognize the shortcomings. These shortcomings can be resolved so as to meet the standards set aside by Google and enjoy the benefits of higher search engine rankings.

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