Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Need of a Blogroll - Positive and Negative Aspects

So you have finally started up your blog and have begun making contacts with other blogger over the
web. Have you set up a blogroll at your blog?  It’s a very common  question asked these. For some,
blogroll is essentially important, and some don’t bother about not having one.

Positive and Negative Aspects Of Blogroll


A blog roll is actually a list created as a sidebar that consists of links to other related blogs.
Following are the positive and negative aspects of a blog roll.

Positive Aspects Of Blogroll

One of the most significant benefit of a blog roll is that allows you to establish professional relationship with other bloggers. If you incorporate links to other blogs in your blog roll, then the other blogs might also incorporate your blog link and in this way, your blog would get more exposure on the web. When you link other blogs at your own blog, chances are that other bloggers might visit and subscribe you thereby increasing the rate of traffic at your page.

Another positive aspect of a blog roll is that it is reflective of your interest and personality. You can make categories and add links to your favorite blogs. Readers will get to know more about other blogs in the same niche and they are likely to visit your blog more upon finding your interest and taste.

Adding links to other blogs who post about similar topics can support your word. Readers will know that the information you are sharing is authentic and find it valuable to read more information on other blogs. It will undoubtedly increase your readership.

Negative Aspects Of Blogroll

Although, there are chances that other blogs will too, add you in their blog roll, but if you have added too many links in your blog roll, and not many of others have added you in their blog rolls, then it might not be good for your search engine optimization. Too many links might also irritate the readers and they might get confused which blog to visit and which not.

Managing the blog roll might be hectic and take much of your time. It might distract you from focusing on other important aspects including layout and content.

You might add links which later come out to be as broken or dead. Broken or dead links annoy readers and you might get affected by Google panda’s update that will decrease your ranking at the search engine.


The choice is always yours. It won’t be that risky to incorporate a blog as it has the potential of enhancing you blog’s exposure among online users. You will in the end at least learn about the whole blogging experience. The negative aspects are not too devastating and you can take steps to minimize them. If you have enough time to manage the blog roll and can adequately pick which blog to include and which to ignore, then you must try experimenting with the blog roll

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