Monday, March 11, 2013

Making Money Online with Clicksor

Do you have a  blog or a website?  Are you looking to make some  money  online? Well,  Clicksor has something to  offer  you.  Clicksor  is  an online advertising tool  which  was  developed   by  a  company based in New  York.  It  gives a   new   meaning  to  contextual advertising. What  Clicksor  does   is - it allows publishers to place advertisements in context to the content of their webpage or  blog. It does  so by using the keyword search  technology. Clicksor  scans the page and picks up particular  keywords. It  then  matches these keywords with the relevant advertisements andplaces
them  on  your  page.  The  advertisement  can  be  in various formats such as banners, pop- ups, inline text links etc.


Clicksor is quite generous in sharing the revenue. You can receive up to a maximum of 60
percent of the revenue that is generated from the clicks on your page. This definitely is music
to the ears! A point to keep in mind is that this amount can vary depending on how the website
rates and what the market conditions are.

How to get started?

1. The first thing that one requires to get started is to sign up. Signing up for the program is
     free of cost and it is your prerogative to remove the advertisement code whenever you wish

2. The website will then be reviewed by Clicksor to check if it meets the eligibility
     requirements. A few things to keep in mind before one signs up is that:

      * The minimum age to sign up for this program is 18 years. Anyone below 18
          years requires parental consent.
      * Certain contents are not approved. You will need to log in to
         and go through the list.
      * The website should be in English.
      * The minimum views to your page per day should be 5000.
      * 50% of the traffic to your website should be from either US, Canada or UK or
         all three.

3. Once the website is approved, you will receive an ad code. This ad code requires to be
    inserted within your HTML code. And you are all set.

Payments: Clicksor calculates payments using various methods. They are cost per clicks (CPC),
costs per 1000 impressions (CPM) and cost per 1000 views (CPV). Cost per click takes in to
account how many times a person has actually clicked on the advertisement on your website.
Where as CPV and CPM calculate the rate based on how many times a particular advertisement
has shown up on your page.

Clicksor doesn’t make you wait too long for your payments. It makes payments twice a month
on the 1st and 15th of every month. The payments are sent according to a Net 15 schedule. This
means that your earnings for the fortnight ending 31st December will be sent to you on the 15th of January. Clicksor makes payments either via check or through PayPal or Wire transfer in US or
Canadian dollars. The minimum amount for a payout is $50. Incase your earnings are less than
$50 it will be rolled over to the next payment cycle. If one opts for a wire transfer there is an
administration fee of $75 and the minimum payment amount should be $1000.

Things that you (Publisher) can do:

     * You can filter the ads on your website. Incase there are certain advertisements you
        would like to keep on your page all you need to do is contact the manager for your
        account. You need to let them know which ads you would like to retain and where you
        would like them placed.
     * The money you receive depends on the traffic to your website and the number of clicks.
        So you need to ensure that your website has good quality and relevant content.
     * You can earn an additional 10% referral commission by promoting Clicksor and
        encouraging others to join it. So the more you share the more you earn!

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in America.
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