Sunday, June 26, 2011

How To Add Wibiya's Web Toolbar For Blogger

Wibiya's toolbar is helps to show online visitors, facebook
fan page, twitter, feed and many it  is a good
gadget for blogger.

1. First go to This site

2. Click get it now and fill give some information about your site

3. After you can select theme as your like.

4. After select theme you can add your Facebook, twitter feed etc.with user names and links

5. Now you can choose your website (platform) select blog and add it.

6. Now you are done.


  1. thanks buddy...
    keep the spirit to give new tricks :)

  2. hi .. your blog are great and really useful. thanks for inviting me to see how great your blog are.. thanks..

  3. Thanks for this post. All this while, I have been wondering where blogs with wibiya widget get it installed on there blogs. But thanks for sharing this info, I will soon add it on my Internet Investment Ideas blog.