Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally PageRank Updated In 6th December 2013

Hi Guys, Good news for every bloggers and webmasters.There is a confirmed page rank update by Google on 6th December. Actually most of bloggers and webmasters were waiting for this moment, now its over.Usually page rank get updated with the average of three to four months.But this time took more time to update page rank.Last update was February 2013.Finally, after 10 months Google page rank updated.

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Matt Cutts has mentioned that there will no page rank update in 2013.
You can see his tweet below.

How to Check Your Page Rank?

There have lot of tool to check website /blog page rank.Follow these steps.

1. Go to
2. Add your URL and click the Check PR
3. Add the Captcha code and click Verify.You will see your PR

This is the latest Google Page rank update. How is your page rank ? share with comments.
Hope you all guys have a good page rank in this time.Happy blogging. :)

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  1. Hi,sohan I just waited for this moment. But suddenly i have shocked seeing how many authority sites lost their page rank. Even Moz get 2 PR score. I think this was because the Hummingbird update just few months ago. I would like to know more about how to increase the page rank. Thanks for these updates GOOGLE. I will try to gain Good page rank in next update.

    1. Hi Rathanayaka,
      Yeah, some of sites lost their PR because of Hummingbird update.
      Keep can increase your PR next time.

  2. Unfortunately, there was not page rank for my blog. made me sad.

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