Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

Recently Google announced Keyword Planner which combine the keyword tools and traffic estimator. Both tools are very useful for Google AdWords account to identify estimated bids.So, Google has replace Keyword Tool and improve this new feature with this Keyword Planner.Therefore, I would like to explain how to use Keyword Planner for  find better keyword.


What is a Keyword Planner

As i said before, Google Keyword Planner is a updated version of Google Keyword Tool and AdWords traffic estimator. This tool make easier for advertisers to creating new groups in ads compaign.It could use for keyword research in SEO.

How to use Keyword Planner

Hope you have a Google account.
Here’s the URL to get access to the tool: http://adwords.google.com/keywordplanner
In Keyword planner, there have 3 option  and just pickup one path.

   *  Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas
   *  Enter or Upload Keywords to get Estimates
   *  Multiply keyword lists to get Estimates

How this look like.


Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas

This is also same as Google Keyword Tool.But it has diffrent interface.You can do research for ideas related to keywords,category and websites. There is a new feature in this Keyword Plan.It allows to "multiply" keywords or combine two or more keywords lists to generate new keywords And target countries and individual cities  as well.

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Example of  researching blogger and blogspot.


You can add URL for researching is as well.

If you want to do different types of research, You can click modify search button.
How it is looks like.

Exact match

Here where can you change the keyword match types.


Note: If i change it to broad match or exact match result are same.may be its bug.If you have an idea, let me know about it.

Download keywords ideas

This is what we looking for.Now it has awesome feature."Segmanr statics by month"
Here it is.


Enter or Upload Keywords to See How They Perform

In second option of keyword plan is start research using own keyword list.This is also  new feature.
You can start your campaign creation process using your own keywords list.There have 2 options to choose. Enter keywords and upload keyword list vis CSV format.
Like below.


Multiply Keyword Lists

This is also another new feature of keyword panner.It allow to multiply your keyword list with one another. This tool very useful to find and test new keywords.For example you might want to multiply Colors and Cloths.You can use this feature to automatically multiply keywords and get search volume like below.

If you want you can use 3 columns as well.

I think google keyword planner tool helps to  building ads groups and campaign.So this is the best tools for keywords research.I hope this post useful to know guide about keyword tool. I would love to hear about your thoughts on the new Keyword Planner feel free to leave a comment.


  1. nice info ,no doubt google adword awesome tool for keyword research.

    1. Google keyword research is one of the best tool for keyword research.

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    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Google Keyword planner always helps to get better Keyword.

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