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How to Write Your Blog in a Successful Series

There are  times  when  you opt to  write a full series of your blog instead  of  just winding it up in  a single blog. The foremost reason is the large  amount of information that you want to share with your  audience. Here are some useful tips which will be beneficial in writing a successful series of your blog:


Write Blog Posts in successful Way

Identifying the Blogger Topic

This is the first, in fact the key step to identify the right kind of topic that has the ability to be divided in multiple posts. Sometimes, you have got so many things in your mind that you simply can’t stop yourself to share with your audience. This is the right time to divide it in multiple blog posts that can be more interesting and knowledgeable for the reader.

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Generating a Blogger point List

Another useful way is to brainstorm your ideas on a particular topic and generate a list of key points. List as many aspects as you can think about a particular topic. The next step is to elaborate these key points a little further so that you may have a better idea about what you were actually thinking about when you need to elaborate your list. Each point in the list can prove to be beneficial in writing the series.

Defining Targets for Blogger Article

It is also essential to define the short term and long term targets that you want to achieve. For instance, how long you want to run your series. It may be a week's time or may take a whole month. Also, it is important to decide how many posts will you upload on a daily basis. Defining a clear picture in your mind helps you to achieve your goals in a better way.

Draft Blogger Posts

Draft posts are a good way to figure out what you want to do next. Simply copy and paste any information that you have got on the topic. It may consist of only keywords or a little rough sentences. The purpose is only to identify what information you have got to deliver in your next series.

Giving Appropriate Titles For blog Post

Awarding appropriate titles to your series is highly essential. It is  more demanding to title your entire series of blogs instead of titling an individual blog. All the blogs should be titled in  harmony that have links with each other and of course should be having good search engine optimization.

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Introducing your Series

You should be able to advertise and market your series proper to your readers. A good medium to announce your series is to write an introduction about what are you hoping to come up with and when are you going to release it. It is good if you choose a topic of the series in accordance with your readers’ interests.

Writing at Regular Time Intervals

It is good to write your posts at regular time intervals. You may opt to write daily or you like to leave a day in between two posts. Whichever way you decide, just stick with it to maintain reader’s interest.

Interlinking to Blogger Posts

Interlinking your posts is highly important, otherwise you may spoil your image before the readers as well as in the search engines. Your all posts should look a part of your series. There are few ways which will help you to interlink your posts like central page linking and beginning or end post linking.

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Concluding your Series

Finally, conclude your series properly. Include a summary of all your blog post series at the end. Invite readers to comment on your blog series. This way you will develop a good interaction with the reader.

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