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12 Ways to Make Pinterest Work For Your Business

Should you use Pinterest to improve your business? Nowadays, pinterest has becoming  one of the best social  media tool for  business. when  it was first introduced in the market  most of the people were hesitant  of how flourishing it would be. But many businesses use  and  consider it as more visual structure of  marketing. In fact based on the latest statistic, Pinterest business is creating more traffic referral for businesses compared to LinkedIn,YouTube and Google +. That  simply says  more about the capability of the site.


How to make Pinterest work for your business

Know your Potential Customers In pinterest

The most dominant user of Pinterest today is women ages between 25 and 34 – this figure is very helpful for you to decide before moving forward with Pinterest business. Though men start joining but still women remain the foremost user of the site.

Have a Pinterest Business Account

To make your business known online you need to have a business account on Pinterest, that includes company and business profile. This will help potential client to easily find your business and to know more about your products and services.

Add “pin it” to your Bookmarks

Try to install “pin it” button to your browsers bookmarks toolbar, this allows you easily to pin images directly to your boards while browsing other websites.

Create Community In Pinterest

Create online community with Pinterest and try to include consumer based videos and images  to make feel the member of your community that they are part of your brand. As well it can  generate excitement to your followers, providing more direct type of marketing.

Have a Pinterest Friendly Business

In using Pinterest make sure that your business is Pinterest friendly. Usually businesses like  retail and restaurants are very suitable in marketing using Pinterest business. They have plenty of  opportunity to generate pins that surround their menu items, special offers, product launches and boards that are not openly narrated to their company but still catch customers involved.

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Make sure that your Website, Images, and YouTube channel have “pin it” Button

Due to this people can easily pin from your website. The more visitors comment, share, pin and  repin your videos and images the more it become viral and expose to the community.

Have a Pinterest Friendly Website

It is important that your website is visually oriented and assure that your website offers a lot of  image content for visitors to share. Before creating account in Pinterest check your site first if it  is Pinterest friendly and ample of visual content.

Be active in Pinterest

Just like any other networking sites if you join Pinterest you should be an active user. You need  be active in following, pinning, repining, and commenting in regular basis. Just in case you don’t  have time to do such things you need to allocate someone doing such task. 

Think Related

Bear in mind that in creating pinboards and pinning images that are closely related to your  brands is a good idea and this give you the range to be more appealing and even more  appropriate to your potential customers.

Be Pinnable in Pinterest

Enrich your website with diagrams, infographics, pictures, videos and images. This gives your visitor something to pin; images and pictures makes your website easier to post to other social  media platforms like Facebook and Google+.

Use Infographics

Infographics is the attractive and efficient way to communicate information to your Pinterest followers with extremely visual platform.


Try to incorporate tools and applications in your Pinterest marketing campaign. Firstly, you  should install Pinterest’s toolbar button that let the user to pin images while surfing the web. As  well try to a have third party applications like PinPuff used to analyze “pinfluence” and know  how efficient your pins are; or a Google Chrome extension Pin Search that allows the user to  search related links basing on pinned images.

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