Sunday, April 14, 2013

Awesome Improvements For Blogger Template HTML Editor

This is a  great news who builds Blog templates or make some changes to existing template for your
blog by using  HTML, Javascript, CSS. Actually ,all of us will interesting to work with new features of our existing HTML Editor. Recently Google works continuously to upgrade more additional feature for blogger. As a result of it,Blogger officially introduced New HTML Editor for blogger dashboard.(Upgraded)


Improvements For Blogger Template HTML Editor

HTML Templates helps you to change your blog appearance by modifying source code.So,we can customized it as we want. All experienced bloggers know,how was old HTML Editor.Its was bit hard to find exact codes when we need to look for it.I know we can find any code by using "Ctrl+F" But i meant HTML tags are not easy to find(Tags are not highlighting) also. Therefore in this improved HTML editor now Support numbering, Syntax highlighting, auto-indentation and code folding to make editing your template.It become much easier now.

Lets Take a look at new HTML editor

Go to Blogger Dashboard and click Template and click "Edit HTML” button.Now you can see new HTML Editor,
How is it? pretty cool huh?


You can locate Widget Easily like below


Expand widget no longer exist.
You can see how widget code are display. You can  click new fold markers ‘►’ and expand widget code.


New change in Preview template too. You can see preview template button like earlier.Earlier preview displayed with new tab.But new preview shows inside same editor.


There is a new button called Format template.It helps to cleans up the indentation of the template automatically.And other thing is you can replace text by using Ctrl+Shift+R


Hope this HTML Editor article will help for beginner and experienced blogger as well.If you have any problem regarding this new features, just leave a comment. Happy blogging.


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  2. It is good to have most of these articles around to maintain the regular flow of information. Help people that no one could do it later, good work!