Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Six Ways to Lose the Trust of Your Audience

We are in such a world where no one trusts any one and this is a  harsh  truth. Most  of the  times we can trust in things  happening  around  us  or in  fact our  loved ones hence things that are not happening in front  of our eyes or people we  cannot  see  it is  very tough to trust them

Most of  the times  the  trust  factor becomes big deal in case of  business, or blogging  or if someone is creating an Email   account  or Website  because in these sectors customers trust is the main key of success.

There are some  basic  formulas to gain  customers faith but many of the business holders do not  follow that and this is where they  get  packed down. Some of these are like.


1. Lack of interaction with the Audience:

The business owners, mainly those who are new in the market should keep on interacting with the audience over the business website in order to inform every now and then incidents of the company, their plans, upcoming products etc. People actually steer on the websites to get detailed knowledge about it and if it is missing then there is always a high chance of lack of trust.

2. Being Unsocial:
There are a number of social networking sites available on the internet nowadays. Being available in the social media is the final concern at the end of the day. This is the place where one can build the best possible public faith. But this is missing for many of the companies. They claim that “do not have time” yet it is nothing but a lame excuse. Creating account in social networking sites are free and much effortless everyone knows and this is where the lack of trust takes place.

3. Writing only for SE:
There are some typical websites that are contented only for search engines and the writings are quite tough for the viewers to go through. Whenever writing contents for website the owner must keep it in mind that the prime aim is to gain audience by providing them simple and needed information. Stuffing the sites with Tough and unwanted contents the companies fail to gain the audiences’ trust.

4. Dishonesty:
“Honesty is the best policy” it is actually a magic word even if it pays slowly. There are some web companies which incorporate fake feedbacks and reviews on their sites, keep destructive cookies, hide the most important information or even their Email gets saved as spam. Obviously these things do not make it trustworthy to the audience in fact people avoid checking messages or emails of the site.

5. Alike others:
From the past few times it is seen that so many companies are promoting a same product. Being unique is very important. One must understand that no one is interested in getting product that is available everywhere. Hence he needs to bring in something new for making his site different from others.

6. Not helpful:
The companies must stuff their sites with useful and helpful contents. Most of the sites are found to be stuffed with useless information and audiences pay least interest on those.

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