Thursday, March 28, 2013

SEO Basics that Every Blogger Should Know

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a topic that no fresh blogger  can afford to disregard. SEO practices can not  only  radically  boost  a  blog’s visibility but can also effect  substantial  cost  and time economies as well. If you’ve just commenced  blogging and are unsure  of  how  to  conduct  an  SEO  campaign, the ensuing fundamental guidelines will point you in the right direction:


SEO Basics Tips For Blogger

1. Have a Top-Notch Title

Your blog title is the first element your reader views (via the search engine result) and thus merits
particular mention. It is imperative to construct a strong and engaging title to garner maximum visibility and reader clicks - tips in this context:

a)  Make your title appealing, inventive, persuasive, and grammatically impeccable.
b)  Try to place your main keywords near the commencement of the title for greater reach.
c)  Ascertain that your title is concise (preferably under 70 characters) to prevent search engines from
      excising it.

2. Utilize Superior and Versatile Content

Apart from the title, you ought to always host high-quality and comprehensive material on your blog.
Further tips in this regard:

a)  Steadfastly employ well-written, straightforward, and grammatically precise language.
b)  Strive to host content that educates and apprises readers. Not only would such content engender
       increased user sharing but it will also generate more sanguine search engine ratings. For this
       purpose, you should harness high-quality plugins and other online instruments.
c)  Incorporating videos, music clips, and podcasts is a prudent idea as makes for a more immersive
     reader experience.
d)  Remember to keep the material original as Google and other engines have a zero-tolerance
      plagiarism policy.
e)  Update frequently to obviate monotony and loss of readership.

3. Practice Intelligent Keyword Use

Keywords are principal SEO components that are immensely beneficial for blogging success. Ensure that:

a) Your choice of keywords is founded on what’s currently relevant and popular with readers.
b) Your keywords reflect your blog theme and philosophy closely.
c) You embed your keywords at strategic spots in your blog like the title, headline, and posts as also
     in links and metadata content.
d) The keywords feature prominently at the beginning of your posts and then at adequately-spaced

4. Focus on Link-Building

Extensive linking to your blog from other online portals can dramatically ratchet your readership.
Detailed advice in this context:

e) Ascertain that the portals you associate with are reputable and popular for heightened link traffic.
f) Make sure your anchor text is succinct and corresponds to your main keywords.
g) Invariably employing superlative blog content is best way to guarantee back-linking success. Good
content will ensure repeat readership as well.
h) Write guest columns in other blogs and embed them with your blog’s links.
i) You can even ingrain inbound links to and from your own blog for optimal visibility.
j) Do not try to purchase links as this is viewed as Google and other top search engines view this as an
unethical trade practice.

5. Boost Your Infrastructure

To safeguard high SEO ratings, ascertain that your blog framework possesses technically advanced
codes, plugins, and permalinks. A potent infrastructure will also make your blog pages load speedily
thereby delighting your readers.

6. Be Active Online

The more you post, guest-comment, and are active on social networking sites, the greater will be your
blog’s reputation and influence. Note that Google now considers social media success as the chief
parameter for top SEO ratings.

7. Go For Independent Operation

For best results you should attempt to host your blog independently and even have a personal domain
name. These moves may involve increased expenditure, but will definitely improve your blog’s cachet as search engines favor blogs with autonomous structures. When choosing hosting and domain name service providers ensure that they offer competitive rates, all-embracing administrative choices, good security, and round-the-clock support.

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