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Blogging A Technique to Express Yourself

If asked, a  majority of people would have at least a slight of  what  the   term  ‘blogging’means.  This kind of writing has  become  quite  popular  with the   modern generation. Today,different blogs can  easily be accessed from various web domains, each dealing  with a unique topic. However, many  have  no  idea  where    blogging  originated   from. Basically, a  blog  can  be defined  as a specific web page dedicated   towards  posting  of  dated  posts  regarding  a specific topic. This can be done  by multiple users or even a single  user.  In  that case,  blogging  is  the actual art of coming  up  with  a  blog.  Its origin  dates way back to the year 1997.



Names such as Jerry Pournelle, Justin Hall and Dave Winer mark the genesis of blogging. These are some of the earliest bloggers known to man. Even before blogging came into the picture, digital communities had other tradition forms. Usenet, e-mail lists and CompuServe were some of the early forms and commercial services that existed back then. The internet forum software, invented in the early 90’s, aided the growth of tropical kinds of connections in-between messages that were used in communications. These are what are referred to as threads.

As a result, a list of up and coming websites was made available by the Mosaic Communications Corporation in the form of a ‘What’s new’ icon present in the mosaic browser that was common back then. This slowly evolved in to online diaries, where ‘diarists’ ran accounts of their personal lives. Justin hall and the other early diarists came up with some of the first ever blog posts after the online diary technology grew in popularity. Dave Winer is known to come up with the longest running first blog ever.


The term ‘blog’ came from the word ‘weblog’. After the success of the online diary, weblogs came to being as more and more diarists came to being. In December 1997, one John Barger came up with the name weblog. Two years later, in May 1997, the owner of the domain used the term “blog” in one of his posts. He was trying to come up with a hip and fun- filled title for the weblogs. This marked the origin of the term “blog”. He was known as Peter Merholz. Labs Pyra and Willaims E. took a step further and described ‘blog’ to be a noun. In turn, the two came up with the term ‘blogging’ with the aim of coming up with a verb for the word. The term blogger slowly came into play once blogging became more popular.
How to choose proper domain name.

What to post in your blog:

Anything; this is what you can post in your blog. Today, most blogs are made up of commentaries plus notes on oneself. A majority of them also post links to other related websites. However, a blog should be about a specific topic. Music, relationships, sports etc; the list is endless. It all depends on what your preferences are.

How to put up a blog:

The first step is to create a website. This will act as the basis for the blog. Get a page or two from the website and dedicate them to your blog. Once you have done this, pick one blog community to set up your blog in and you will be good to go!

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