Saturday, March 30, 2013

Benefits of online SEO tools

When I was a kid, and there was a term I didn’t understand, I would run up to mom and ask her what it was. My mother, for  me,  was  the  universal  thought  database,  and  could never  be  wrong. Today,  however, when our  kids have any doubts  they  prefer to ‘Google’  them,  which  only goes to show you  how  far reaching  the  effects  of Search Engine Optimization are.


SEO has permeated the business aspect of almost every field of commercial relevance today. In fact, we seem to be so steeped in the art of SEO, that to do without it is unthinkable.

Search Engine Optimization consists of two steps

1 Website Analysis


2 The Optimization Process

It cannot be debated that search engine optimization is a long standing boon to businesses in general.
The practice has managed to become a ‘given’ in the workplace. And with the advent of user-friendly
technology, the most popular online marketing measure in existence.

Below are some of the current SEO tools that are making their mark on the Internet business front

* Google Webmaster Tools – keeps the user aware of popular keywords and indexes.

* Google Analytics – helps in website traffic and income analysis.

* Google Adwords Keyword Tool – informs the user about global search volume and related
   keywords for the search term.

*’s Ranking Checker – checks keyword rankings.

* Firefox's Web Developer Extension – Competition overview and SERP export tool.

* MultiRank Checker by - runs bulk keyword ranking checks.

*‘s Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy – records and analyses browser-server

*‘s Strongest Subpages Tool – conducts strongest web page content analysis.

* SEO Analyzer by - helps in SEO site analysis.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits these SEO tools provide

* Improves your SEO Rankings
By linking yourself to popular search engine sites, you purchase their years of search expertise.
Their search efforts help your business secure a higher page ranking in overall SEO.

* Promotes Brand Awareness
SEO tools help promote your business, product or service, and create a brand image that the
average consumer can recognize. This is especially useful for new businesses or established
businesses with a lag in profits.

* More for Less
SEO as a mode of online marketing is by far the least expensive, but with the farthest reaching
effects. Moreover your extent of SEO efforts depends solely on your business plan and budget.

* Traffic Generator
SEO tools are invaluable in generating sales traffic to your company website, or bringing
attention to specific product offers or service initiatives.

* High Revenue
As your investment in search engine tie-ups is low, and these efforts in themselves bring in more
sales traffic, you end up earning a higher rate of revenue in the long run.

The use of SEO tools for analysis and marketing decisions could prove vital in today’s business world where the competition is not just ‘face to face’, but ‘link to link’.

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