Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Spoil Your Websites Ranking

The blogging world is   indeed facing   intense competitionand  it  is  need  of  the hour  to stand  out from the crowd.You  do  not just  need  to excel  in  your  SEO tactics, but equally has to be good in  writing  informative   and original articles. There  are various  websites which have created a
death  knell  for  themselves due to low rankings  in search engine.  It  has  happened  because  of various mistakes of SEO by the  website  owners.  Hence,  if you are running a website,  then  the  following  article is  going  to   help you immensely  as  it  will  arm  you  with  knowing    the  SEO mistakes  which has  the  potential  of spoiling  the ranking of your website


Irrelevant Backlinks

It is important to have a good PR if you are eying towards gaining popularity of your website.
Backlinks work wonders towards helping you to decide about the page rank of your website and
it should come from the related article. For example, as an owner of heath related website, it is
no use to get backlinks from a tech website. As it has the potential of doing more harm than any
good and will spoil the image of your website as well.

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword Stuffing is being hated the most by search engine giants like Google along with others.
There are few website owners who in the pursuit of getting immense popularity use wrong
keywords. Hence, it is true that Keyword stuffing stands out to be the worst SEO mistake which
can be committed by any website owner.

As their website gets banned, then they have no where to go than to repent over their childish
action. It can be understood with the help of an example. Like if you are writing an article about “Web Designing” and it is of no use to talk about the entertainment stuff since it is not going to serve
any purpose. You will only ensure a hefty penalty by the search engine and readers will also not
prefer to stay any longer as well.

Poor Website Design

The design of the website matters a lot as the themes are not limited for appearance purpose, but
it equally have relevance for SEO too. Increasing numbers of websites have been penalized in
the past by search engines for using substandard design. It is imperative for you to choose website templates as they are available free of cost. Hence choose the one which is considered to be SEO friendly, rather than sticking with a poor random design.

Duplicate Content

There are people who want to ensure big term success without working hard at all. Hence they
resort to unethical means of copying the articles from other websites and use them as their own.
However, such type of malpractice is easily detected by search engines which in turn spoil the
ranking of the website. After all, SEO starts from content and it has to be original one which is
indeed a must.

No Internal Linking

There are increasing numbers of writers who simply writes articles without resorting to any
internal linking. Needless to say that Internal Linking is indeed a must for SEO point of view.
Hence, it necessitates you to do that or else you are going to find it in the spoiled websites list
which you do not want to happen for sure.

Finally, aforesaid are the Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Spoil Your Websites Ranking. You cannot
overlook any point or else be prepared to tarnish the image of your website. Hence, read them
and experience the pleasant difference in the process as well. So, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Yes i agree, There are some bloggers who steal the contents from popular blogs, it can be waste doing this things..

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  3. These are some of the basic black hat SEO related techniques which can really harm the blog's ranking and reputation