Saturday, February 16, 2013

Social Media Tools For Journalists

Social  media  is  becoming a huge force to reckon with,even for  journalist.  However, with the demands on thetime of the average journalist hitting the roof each time,it  could  get  frustrating  if  you  don’t  plan your socialmedia  engagement  as a  journalist.  Amidst   the chaos,you  can  use  tools   to   streamline   your social  media efforts  for  maximum  benefits,  as  a  journalist. Some
social     media    tools    help    you    track    follower’s engagement,  for analytics  purposes. Some of the tools  also  help  you  save time as far as posting is concerned while  the  rest  allow  you  to  make  new  connections, which  could  expand  your  reach. The    following are some of the social media tools every journalist should know about.


The power of the journalist lies in how they articulate the written word. You have an audience,
which treasures your written word. The challenge with maintaining this is originality. People
want news they don’t know about and this makes your authenticity among the most crucial
characteristics. One way you can create credible and authentic stories is to write original content.
This tool has a rich mix of indices, which can help you detect any level of plagiarism in your
work. Also, note that will not only protect you from losing credibility in the
eyes of your readers but also lawsuits from those whose content you ‘copied’.

As the name suggests, this tool streamlines your conversations with readers. If you have
the ability to read what the readers, comment on specifically, then you have a better way to
respond to what they say. The other advantage of this wheel is the facts that it gives you an easy
dashboard to detect what your readers talk about. This way, you can then discover the best ways
to create stories and content they would like to see, for more engagement.

Social bro
The online sphere is averse with many challenges, especially if you are on twitter. You need to
know what is happening with your followers. Are they following you? Are you following those
who un-follow you? If you are a serious journalist, you need to get rid of those who use you as
a way to ascend at your expense. This tool enables you do this with ease. Some of the biggest
brands like IBM and Google have used it for analytics, especially if you are watching over a
large number of followers or fans. This tool comes with different packages that could work for
any journalist.

When you are out in the field looking for fresh stories to publish, researching or away from your
station, this tool keeps you informed. Storyful is an iPhone app that gives you the breaking news
of the day. The other advantage of this tool is that, its sources are credible, verified journalists.
This ensures that you stay on top of things wherever you are.
Overall, the best tool a journalist can have is his or her mind. These tools will harness your mind
power to better journalism, efficiently.


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